Low Cervix? How to Choose the Right Menstrual Cup for You

Menstrual Cup

Menstrual cups are now the new girl’s best friend ever since the ladies have discovered its advantages from all other menstrual hygiene products. With this said, you may be one of the many women wanting to try the menstrual cup or is currently on its way on buying the product.

However, there is one minor issue in buying the said item. That would be finding the right menstrual cup that would undoubtedly take some trial and error just so you can achieve the level of comfort that you are seeking with menstrual cups.

Thus, in today’s article, let us find out how you can narrow down your choices by basing it on a few personal factors. Especially on how to choose a low cervix menstrual cup.

Choosing Menstrual Cups

It is said that if you are older than 30 or already have delivered a baby via the vaginal canal (not the cesarean section), then you should go for the larger size. This is a common assumption since it is more likely for women that are 30 years and older or those who delivered a baby to have a weakened pelvic floor muscle.

However, although that may have a point and is correct, there is a factor that is often overlooked, which can make a significant difference in the effectiveness and comfort of a menstrual cup. This is the position of your cervix, which vary from one woman to another and also moves throughout the menstrual cycle.

What is Cervix?

So, for those are unfamiliar with the word cervix. Let us first introduce you to this part of a woman’s reproductive organ. On the other hand, for those who already knew, then let this serve as a reminder, or you may just skip on to the next part.

Cervix is a part of the uterus, which is considered as the lowest area. It is sometimes referred to as the neck of the uterus since it is similar to a bottle’s neck due to its tubular shape, not to mention that it is the passage between the vaginal canal to the uterine cavity.

The uterus cannot be seen, but the cervix can be seen and felt from inside your vagina. Now, during the menstrual cycle, the mucus lining or endometrium is shed from the walls of uterine, which makes the menstrual blood flow out from the cervix.

How to Look for Your Cervix?

During the cycle, your cervix moves from different positions. Thus, you should check your cervix’ appropriate measurement right before your period starts to a couple of days into your cycle. At this point of time, your cervix drops typically down to its lowest point than its regular sitting.

After your initial checking, recheck its position during the middle up until the end of your period to ensure your cervix’ position, since the cervix will start to move back up and getting into place for ovulation during the said two phases of the cycle.

Now, during the ovulation, the cervix is generally at its peak or highest position, and sometimes, it is so high that it is difficult to reach or it can no longer is felt.

Know that some women notice a significant difference between the initial measurement and the second measurement. However, there are also those women that do not see much of a change at all.

Also, if you think that your cervix moves drastically, then you may want to consider buying a two-pack menstrual cups which offers both small and large size that would fit your needs. With this said, the said product will allow you or the user to use whichever cup brings comfort and is easier to reach for you during your cervix’ different positions.

How to Choose a Low Cervix Menstrual Cup

So, now that we have come to this, in choosing a low cervix menstrual cup. It is time for you to know what you should look for in a menstrual cup if you are a buyer. Thus, here are the following cervix positions with the suggested proper menstrual cup.

Very Low Cervix Menstrual Cups

If you are done the measuring, and it shows that you have a very low cervix, then we suggest that you try a menstrual cup that is shorter in length. Why? For instance, if the cup that you bought and use is too long, then it may not fit for comfortably during your use.

Medium to Low Cervix Menstrual Cups

If you have low to the medium cervix, then you can opt for small sizes of menstrual cup. You can also look for the cups that are designated to be shorter than the usual small-sized cup, which is often indicated by labels like mini, teen, short, or low cervix.

Lastly, a bell-shaped might just be fit for you and is more comfortable since the base of the cup is rounded off, unlike the base of the V-shaped cup.

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