Falling in love with you..The common ego problem..

There are two types of self-love ~ Ego-based and Spirit-based

“I am calling you from last 1 hour. Why are you not receiving the call?”

“I was busy.”

“Oh so you mean everything else is more important than me.”

“Why are you making such a big deal out of it?”

“Fine. Every word of mine sounds like a complain to you.”

Have you ever noticed that these small little conversations simply ruin your mood and finally you end up just hanging out the call.

There are two types of self-love ~ Ego-based and Spirit-based
There are two types of self-love ~ Ego-based and Spirit-based

And then there is a message
You might be again all back to normal because I don’t matter to you anymore, but someday you might realize my value when you really wish to talk to me and I won’t be there….

Sitting this moment I wonder, why we take so long to apologise.. so much of time to realize our mistakes?? Why our ego dominates our love for them..Why we say something which we didn’t mean at all. Inspite of knowing that it hurts a lot still we say again over n over. Somewhere we know that finally everything would be fine still tears are everlasting. Always waiting for them to take the initiative.. Even if you are the one to apologise, why it can’t be a selfless deed?? Still your ego demands an appreciation.

Achintya: It’s another weekend and I was simply sitting. I was annoyed having a small argument with my friends. Further having score rather badly in exams.

And then the phone rings. It’s Sehej.

“Hey Hi..” I said in a depressed tone..

“What is my baby doing?” she asked. (I loved it when she talked that way in her cutest voice. It sounded so caring.)

“Exams are screwing your baby and I am in a very bad mood.”

“Then talk to me for a while and you’ll be in a good mood again.”

“No no no no.. I am planning to study now and score better this time. Only that will change my mood. Can we talk at night..please?”



“Hmmm okk I understood..see you later. But atleast say something good before hanging up.”

There are so many things specific to her, little things that are important to her. Like this way of trying to continue the conversation. I liked it, most of the time, unless I was too tired to think up something good.

“Sehej!! Plz understand.. My mind is not in place now.. I’ll tell you two good things at night..ok?”



“It’s not bye..It’s see you”

“Oh han.. cyu”

I hung up still in a bad mood.
Hardly 10 min and the phone rings..It’s her again.

“Now what?” (My voice was a little loud.)

“Oh I forgot to tell you…you know why I called you earlier?”

“Why?” (I was annoyed)

“because it’s raining here and I feel like dancing with you..”

“Jana..”(My voice grew louder)

“Ok sorry..cyu”

She was about to hung up when I felt bad about how I behaved and said “Hey wait. We can talk for a while anyways I needed a break from this”

And she was happy again.

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