Lost Love by Sara Showkath Ali

There you were,
Behind the window bars…
Searching, admiring, staring,
The face of your darling…

Was it the sun or her smile?
Wishing you could hold time for a while,
Longing to touch her soft hair,
But she moved far and far…


Confused, you stood,
To talk to her, if you could…
To make her stay, to make her listen,
Clear misunderstandings, make her see the reason…

Avoidance, anger, hurt in her eyes,
Pretending to be deaf, to your silent cries…
Even in dreams, she ran,
Breaking the grasp of your hand…

Where was the love in her eyes?
You wondered for so many nights…
Her unspoken deep love vanished,
She didn’t stay to hear what you wished…

What did you do to her?
To break her fragile heart
You thought everyday
Came up with no answer to say…

She still lingers in your thoughts,
In your dreams, in every heart beat…
Only few memories exist,
As souvenir of a love that is lost….

About the Author: Sara Showkath Ali is a second year student at Kasturba Medical College, Mangalore.

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