Look Thin in an Instant!

OH how we women just LOVE to hear those four little words … ¨Have you lost weight? ¨

There are of course those lucky people who have that ´metabolism´ thing going for them and will not need to proceed any further with this article. For the rest of us who haven’t yet shed those extra pounds (emphasis on the yet!) there ARE ways to create an instant weight-loss illusion.

A bit of clever clothing coördination can make all the difference to the fuller figure, and have you hearing those four little words more often than you might have thought possible!

Wearing the right cut or colour can slice away the pounds, just as wearing the wrong cut or colour can do the opposite. So for any of you who desperately need to cheat, here’s a few fabulous tips to help you on your way to creating the illusion of a slimmer you:psbr2014ss008-prettysecrets-32b-400x400-imadwzqug7wrhyg7

1. Let’s start from the inside out. The first thing to do is get a GOOD under-wire bra. Never let yourself hang in a bra that doesn’t fit properly and support your breasts. A Wonder Bra really does do Wonders!

2. Don’t go for the baggy look! In most cases this look adds weight rather than reducing it. Wear a slightly fitted shirt with a full skirt. The area just underneath the breasts is always the narrowest part of the body and can be accentuated by wearing fitted fabrics around it. Long flowing shirts and tops look best with long lean pants.

3. Stay away from mini skirts. A below the knee slim line skirt is much more slimming. (And you won’t have to keep pulling your skirt down over your thighs!)

4. Another great trick is to streamline your shape with an outfit that coördinates with your hair colour. This will make you look taller and slim down some of the bulk as long as you wear the right style of clothing. Do break up the monotone though by using an accent that uses that colour and introduces a few others.

5. Unless you happen to like the ‘String of Sausages’ look stay away from tight, elasticized sleeves.

6. Pleated pants are an absolute NO-NO. Pleats draw attention to the tummy bulge and can make even the slimmest women look bulky around the middle. As a rule of thumb, less fabric means less bulk.

black-861-656-vero-couture-38-400x400-imae2ehhczcbpvpg7. When wearing jeans, always check the seam. If it curves or is crooked then the size or style is not right for you.

8. Stay away from boots that end at the thickest part of your calf. This has a terrible effect on chunky legs and is definitely NOT a good look. Still on shoes, don’t wear strappy shoes that cut across your foot, they can make your legs look significantly shorter than they are. Open toed shoes are in this season and a little bit of toe cleavage can help to lengthen the legs.

9. Be careful with jewellery as the wrong jewellery can also make or break your new streamlined look. Unless you are blessed with a long thin swan-like neck, stay away from this seasons chunky, bold necklaces. Wide dangly earrings are a great way to make a thick neck look considerably thinner.

It’s tempting when you are feeling on the bulky side, actually, no, let’s just come right out and say it. When you are feeling FAT! It’s often tempting to hide inside dark baggy clothing, but all this does is make matters worse. Stick to outfits with simple clean lines that are well cut. Mix and Match colours by all means but be careful not to cut yourself in half, and remember……Baggy is Bad, but Flowing is FABULOUS!

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