Little Bundles of Preciousness


One day I stormed out of my house in a very rotten mood, not wanting to talk to anybody, even feeling a bit violent. Probably things weren’t going the way I wanted and I had encountered another failure. I don’t really remember what spoiled made my temper so much. All I remember was that while I was in the racket of storming out of my home a little boy of about 3 came and stood in front of me waving a stencil at me, smiling from ear to ear as if that was his trophy of a big achievement. That was one of the cutest things in life that I had seen! Needless to say, all my anger had melted away and at that point all I wanted to do was to pick that happy little thing in my arms and squeeze those dimpled cheeks like crazy.

Little bundles of preciousness 1

Little kids are so pure and innocent! They are the cutest things to happen on Earth! Wouldn’t it be great if we could extract their cuteness in a bottle? We could use this cuteness when we are in situations in which we feel utterly dejected and about to lose hope. It would be a million times better than any drug, if you ask me. I say cuteness would be my new drug… and the best thing is it’s totally harmless. Good for your health even. [Or probably it’s because I’m a girl that I’m too vulnerable to their cuteness, but seriously, nobody can escape their cuteness… not even the most ‘macho’ kind of guy]

Little bundles of preciousness 2

I don’t know what it is about little children, but they are powerful enough to banish our worries, even if it is only temporarily. That temporary banishment can do loads to raise your spirits and even inspire you to tackle life in a different way. You forget every trouble of the universe and all you want is to be like that child – pure, unadulterated, and unburdened by the multitudes of troubles the world gives you. Every child is a blessing, and I am pretty (read: very) jealous of all parents of all cute kids of the world. If I could, I would seriously go around pinching every cheek of every kid and also taking a bit inspiration to live with each one along the way.

It’s so sad, however, that a child remains a child only for a short time. Growing up, that’s what happens to everybody, and growing up has its own joy attached to it. But childhood needs to be enjoyed to the fullest, with the innocence and purity and cuteness intact; because a lost childhood cannot be brought back. I wish I could be a child again, transported back to the time when I was happy and carefree and I never really gave a hoot about what happened in the world. Alas!
Before I get too nostalgic and preachy, let me shove off with a cute little advice – There’s a child within you. Don’t let that child go anywhere!
And please pinch a cute kid’s cheek for me!

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