The Leap Of Fate

A poem that I decided to write, when I started recollecting the times when people around me, held their ground, and argued in favour of what they belived to be the truth. For it is not anything big when one accepts something because it is of general acceptance, but it is indeed of significance when one finds the truth for one’s self and sticks by it (Believes it) until one is truly convinced that one may be wrong.
The Leap Of Fate
A day will come in every soul’s journey
When one shall be thrown to the test
A leap of fate after every lesson in life
One that shall put all doubts to rest
A plunge based purely on one’s decisions
And the wisdom one has acquired
A plunge to check the worth of a mind
Whether it has the strength required
To believe in what one trusts
To have a faith in the power one has
And to move forward without a doubt in mind
That this test, he will pass
Indeed results may go both ways
The light of success may caress one
With the utmost sweet embrace
That may leave one with the impression of being “The One”
But one must be mindful that
One glance at the illuminating light at one’s side
Must not send one, plummeting
Into the darkness of ego and pride
Hence let go, fearless of the ground
If one has elevated to his moral heights boundless
And if indeed, these heights he trusts,
The ground below will be soft and harmless
For it is not, but where we land, after the leap
But it is, whether or not where we have landed
Is the spot of our personal choice, for if the heart
Has been followed, true bliss will be granted


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