The Last Few Days

Conceivably one of my first posts in the second semester at Manipal Institute of technology. And palpable as the title is, you might have comprehended; I have had a few startling days here these days, some of which I was dispossessed of last semester.

I’ve got to be acquainted with new people, first years as well as seniors. I’ve not only been blogging better, I am also developing. Starting with participating in Blogomania at Cognizance 2011 (IIT Roorkee), not only did I end up at the second position there but I was also acknowledged by a blogger and the administrator (Dr Vishaal Bhat) of ‘The Unofficial Manipal Blog‘. 
Next came more bombshells. After certain interviews, I found myself in a club organization I had wanted to be a part of. Following a adequately overwhelming interview, I got selected in the first year coordination committee of the IEEE Student Branch, Manipal. And now to grow up the ranks…
Not only that, I also got to know about the IEEE, Manipal technical fest called TechWeekend v11.02, something which I now look forward to. After being interested in the Arduino platform but unfortunately with insignificant time to actually absorb much, I finally found one more thing I was looking for. An Arduino Workshop conducted by the IEEE. Ah-mazing! 
So, to summarize: I have grown as a blogger, grown as an individual and have ameliorated myself in every way. To add on, I am listening to the Tron Legacy end titles and perhaps that is what is inspiring me so much. Anyways…
Cheers to everybody who supported me, cheers to life!
Conclusive result: Inspirational trance music brings out the real blogger in you. No kidding.
Originally posted as ‘A great start…’ at The K-Math Files.


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