KMC’s pro show : The other side of the story

Dragging myself to class was a painful affair this morning, a lot more so than usual working days. I wonder if it was the same for others as well. Last night did leave everyone exhausted. It was after all, the Neeraj Sridhar concert. All that hooting, cheering, singing and dancing surely sapped everyone’s strength.

Greens was all decked up for the concert with lights and barricades. Kudos to the organizers and security, they did a good job. I think no one was happier than the people selling the tickets. They could finally sit back or sit on the barricade and enjoy the show, without worrying about selling them.


The space at the back was put to good use by the students who danced their frustration off. Before I started dancing like I was possessed, I went around and spoke to people in the audience. When asked about her expectations, one girl said “I think it is going to be fun. Even if it’s boring, we’ll have fun.” I like the optimism although it was not necessary.11150184_968029186540934_2119772457188534604_n10422324_968117319865454_8412953879413261578_n

He did not disappoint and neither did KMC greens. It was wet and swampy, just as expected. I wonder if anyone slipped and fell. I almost did. The audience were quite enthusiastic. They shouted, hooted and whistled at the right places. Some even got to sing with the pros.

The evening kicked off with the RJ singing and introducing KMC’s very own Dr. Abhishek, who as always, received a lot of love. The waiting was a pain, made less so by the RJ and Dr Abhishek. As rightly said by one of the guys in the audience, “The RJ had a good voice, loved the PG but hell! We want Neeraj Sridhar!”


Well, when Neeraj Sridhar did come on stage, the crowd went crazy. That’s when the slush stopped bothering people and they put their hands up in the air like they just didn’t care, which they probably didn’t and danced the night away. Okay, too much, but people did go crazy. I was one of them.

The human train made an appearance twice and some new dancers with new moves were discovered. Splashing in the mud, singing along or just taking photos or videos, everyone had a good time, although most were exhausted and ravenous by the end of the show. And I’m guessing so was Neeraj Sridhar.


All-in-all, I’d say it KMC’s first proshow went pretty well. The audience had fun. It threatened to rain in between but luckily it didn’t. The crowd went crazy as people armed with phone cameras and dslrs tried to get close to him when he walked amid the audience. Most of the people agreed that it was a good show.


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