KMC’s first ever Pro show- Neeraj Shridhar!

11138628_961775870499599_1097261628421352618_nIt’s finally here! The pro show which KMC had dreamed about since a long time. After Farhan Akhtar’s pro show at MIT, the bar level has been raised considerably, but never the less KMC has succeeded in hosting its first ever pro show. They are bringing to our eyes and ears, The Neeraj Shridhar of Bombay vikings! How can we forget his songs that struck the chords of our hearts. The songs that could stir up the romance among couples within seconds and send you into a trance of love.

Once upon a time, this video took India by storm. That was about 11 years ago.
One of the first songs that used “Hinglish” – a mixture of colloquial Hindi flavored with English – this was an instant hit with the young people then (and teenagers like me, too).

[vsw id=”MWoV5z0IGC4″ source=”youtube” width=”425″ height=”344″ autoplay=”no”]

Well, not to dream about it anymore. KMC is hosting the pro show on the 22nd of this month at 7:00 PM at KMC greens. So clear your schedules, hands into your pockets and make a run for the tickets.

VIP : Rs. 200
Others: Rs. 150
Contact: Shreyas-7259614064
Vinayak- 9663552163
Rush to get your tickets before they run out!

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