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Johnny Depp is married to Helena Bonham-Carter in The Corpse Bride
A Cursed Wedding
Johnny depp is married to helena bonham-carter in the corpse bride
A Cursed Wedding

While animation has seen a sharp increase in demand for older audiences instead of just younger ages, no one can quite compare to Tim Burton’s ability to make an animated film appealing to all ages with his dark, twisted sense of comedy. In his newest feature “Corpse Bride,” Burton delivers genius once again.Starring Johnny Depp as Victor Van Dort, Helena Bonham-Carter as the Corpse Bride and Emily Watson as Victoria Everglot, the all-star cast delivers an ultimately impressive performance.

Casting Depp as the male lead was one of Burton’s best decisions. Any time a Depp-Burton combination is made, a masterpiece is almost always a guarantee ever since the release of “Edward Scissorhands.” The duo has worked double time with the release of “Corpse Bride” following close behind “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.“

Corpse Bride” follows the arranged marriage between Victor and Victoria, two young people forced into the bonds of marriage by the wishes of their parents to save them from their financial troubles. Both searching for love, yet expecting nothing of the sort, Victor and Victoria find themselves pleasantly surprised with each other. Victor, the clumsy, shy one of the two, continually finds ways to make sure that the wedding is unable to go “according to plan.” With his ill-fated luck, Victor soon finds himself in wedlock with a most uncanny bride. Trapped in the world after death, Victor finds reason after reason to take a quick trip back to the land of the living.

While complications come in and out to keep Victor away from his “live” wife, Victor is faced with a difficult decision to choose between the two women. His choice will make your heart stop. The only drawback to the film would be the short length.

With stop-motion animation, special effects and a fabulous soundtrack that only Tim Burton can pull off, “Corpse Bride” definitely lives up to its predecessor“The Nightmare Before Christmas.” So if you enjoy that dark, kooky style that only Tim Burton and Johnny Depp can deliver, this one is for you.

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