Keep Track of Your Health Online the Easy Way with Microsoft HealthVault

Microsoft HealthVault

Microsoft HealthVault is a reliable health resource platform that is hosted on the web. It makes available all the tools necessary for individuals to organize and keep ready all information pertaining to their health but one should qualify for an hsa. It also ensures easy accessibility so that the information can be shared with healthcare professionals, pharmacies or even family members and friends if so warranted.

By hosting all the information online, individuals can not only ensure that vital information is accessible round-the-clock but also there is no need to maintain voluminous paper records that are difficult to store and share. Microsoft HealthVault

Store and Access Health Records for Free

As anyone with complex health issues or charged with the responsibility of maintaining the health records of different family members will certify, the task can be a real pain because of the sheer volume of documents to be managed. HealthVault makes available a wonderful assortment of tools that let you collect, store, and even share confidential health information in a safe and secure manner.

The service is available not only on the web but also as mobile apps for the Windows and iOS operating systems completely free of charge. HealthVault can connect with a large variety of equipment such as glucometers, fitness trackers, weighing scales, blood pressure cuffs, etc to import data.

Healthcare providers can transmit health records straight into a patient’s account using secure email. Visit for a detailed insight into the cloud computing strategy for the medical industry.

The Amazing Breadth of HealthVault

One of the principal reasons why HealthVault has been critically acclaimed is the coverage breadth. Not only can the package connect with an astonishing array of medical devices as well as consumer gadgets but also with other apps making it possible to import data automatically.

Additionally, users can manually include data pertaining to weight management, medications, diagnostic test results, immunizations, surgical procedures, even menstruation dates, if so desired. All records are stored in a digital form making it very easy to maintain and share medical information.

Microsoft HealthVault development includes a feature that lets users generate letters to healthcare professionals that can outline instructions as well as provide details regarding encryption and security so that the healthcare professionals are assured that the service is safe to use. The letter also contains an email address that is specially-generated that can be used to send information and records straight in to user accounts.

Getting Started With HealthVault

First, you need to create your very own account. If you already have a Hotmail or Outlook email account then you can use that to sign in to the HealthVault account. You can even access your HealthVault account using your Facebook or OpenID credentials. After this is done, you have the liberty to manually feed in your health information, upload scans of documents pertaining to your medical history or even medical images.

You can store all the available medical information for different members of your family and keep on adding to the records as and when. You can request your doctor or caregiver to transmit pertinent medical information directly into your HealthVault account saving you the trouble of having to enter or upload them manually.

You can also avail of a service that is tasked with the responsibility to collect all your medical reports and digitize them for easy uploading. HealthVault allows you to connect with a large variety of sources that generate medical information such as pharmacies, hospitals, and clinics as well as labs and a huge assortment of gadgets and devices. After the creation of the HealthVault account, you can proceed to link it with PCRMC.

While at the time of creating your account the service will ask for personal details, it is not necessary for you to provide anything more than your initials. However, letters generated by the system to healthcare professionals will necessarily contain your name and date of birth so that there is no confusion about the user’s identity.

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