Karnataka:BJP’s self goal – Adarsh Ashok

Gowda says he's assured of no change in CM Yeddyurappa pins hopes on high command.
Gowda says he's assured of no change in CM Yeddyurappa pins hopes on high command. Image Source:FirstPost.com

It was described as one of the greatest achievements of Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) when it formed its first government in Karnataka and was described by many as the party’s foot hold prior to its sweep of South India.

In the  state legislative election of Karnataka, the BJP managed to form the government on its own strength and  showed people’s willingness for change and political stability in a state which had gone through all possible permutations and combinations of coalition politics for four long years before 2008.

It’s  four years  since that famous victory for the BJP ,  but things seem to be as muddled and precarious in this majority government, as they were with the coalition governments of the past. It’s been all hustle and tussle inside and outside the party. It appears as though every night, the demons within the party are trying to create fresh trouble for the government.

Gowda says he's assured of no change in CM Yeddyurappa pins hopes on high command.
Gowda says he's assured of no change in CM Yeddyurappa pins hopes on high command. Image Source:FirstPost.com

The BJP government,has hardly any achievement to show for its 4 years in power and has been ridiculed nationwide  for its infamous political instability in the state assembly. Over the past few years many a controversy has cropped up without a proper conclusion. Lurching from one debacle to the next, the government has suffered all kinds of scams and scandals, some of which wouldn’t have even crossed the minds of the most genius of scammers. The battle between BJP versus Opposition, has now turned into a battle between BJP and the BJP-Yeddyurappa faction, with the opposition MLA’s just adding fuel to the fire.

Bharatiya Janata Party now seems to be turning its gate-way to the south into its playground for self goals and scandals. Caught in a maelström of  land scams, illegal mining, rampant corruption and then the “suspension” of B.S. Yeddyurappa from the CM’s post, the recent pornography incident and finally the call for the return of the CM’s post to Yeddyurappa, it may well spell doom for the party in the next elections.

The latest judgments of the Court which gave a clean chit in some of the allegations against Mr. Yeddyurappa, who was charged for his alleged involvement in land scam and illegal mining, has created a headache for the BJP‘s central leadership. Soon after the court’s decisions, demands were made to reinstate Yeddyuruppa to the CM’s post by replacing D. V. Sadananda Gowda (present Chief Minister of Karnataka) first by Yeddyuruppa’s loyalists and later by Yeddyruppa himself. The political conundrum in  Karnataka shows no signs of abating with the BS Yeddyurappa camp sticking to its guns demanding his reinstatement as Chief Minister. His recent visit to New Delhi and showcasing the support of 70 of  the 120 BJP MLAs was an attempt to move one step closer to CM chair. On the other hand, the party central command  don’t seem to be in a mood to give in, as the present Chief Minister, D.V. Sadananda Gowda has a clean image.

BJP senior leaders are well aware of the fact the bringing back Mr. Yeddyurappa would deflate their campaign against the UPA of tolerating corruption within its rank and would spoil their “Jan Chetana Yatra“ (anti corruption movement).  At the same the time, the BJP is in the process of even losing it’s foot hold in the South. The recent by-poll  results in Udupi-Chickamagalur constituency (A BJP Bastion and the seat vacated by CM D.V.Sadananda Gowda) further compromises the party central command’s decision. It has provided an impetus to Yeddyurappa, as he is known to be a better crowd puller than Gowda.

In the recent times, the Karnataka BJP government has been forced to  focus  on its own internal  issues and not proper governance. The crisis in the ruling government was reflected by the fact that, during the budget session of the state assembly hardly half of the total MLAs come to Vidhan Soudha and only a few ministers were seen.

In short, the recent moves of BJP show that a party with a difference has now become a party with differences within. With the Assembly Election hardly a year to go, the BJP must resolve the present crisis in the least time. If BJP wants to regain its political dominance over the country, it should first solve the internal crisis.

This is a Guest Post by  Adarsh Ashok. Ashok is a First year student at Manipal Institute of Technology, Manipal. He is pursuing civil engineering. (The post was edited by our Editorial Team).     


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