Karnataka Must See Places for Nature Lovers

Chikamagalur, Karnataka
One of the many nature scenes in Chikmagalur - Source: Melagiri

Karnataka, surrounded by sea and land, was founded in S.W. India in 1956. Its name was changed in 1973 from the State of Mysore to Karnataka. According to geographic size, it is the eighth largest of the states in India and Kannada is the primary language. It serves as an ideal destination for nature lovers, with two principal rivers, and several tributaries that flow outwards toward the Bay of Bengal.

Karnataka – Karu-nadu:

No one is exactly certain where Karnataka got its name, although many agree that the State’s name is a derivative of the words karu-nadu, or ‘elevated land.’ Another popular interpretation is karu-nadu means ‘black-region’ after the dark cotton-soil. Whichever translation one chooses, Karnataka has great historical significance as many empires flourished during ancient and medieval times. Karnataka has made profound contributions to classical music, tradition, and Indian culture. The following are a few ‘must see’ locations where it is possible to enjoy nature and use your AMEX payback point’s card to purchase tickets and receive discount on entrances..

The Greens of Bandipur National Park: 

Bandipur National Park provides an escape from city life into the wooded regions of Indian. From tigers to an elephant safari, the tranquil wildlife sanctuary helps to revive guests thirsting for natural beauty. Birds, deer, monkeys, and porcupines are just some of the wild creatures you might witness. Bison, crocodiles, and peacocks invite visitors into the jungle and along the Kabini River banks.

The Badami Canvas:

Badami serves as the capital of Badami Chalukyas. Renowned for its huge sandstone temple-caves, the calm blue waters of the Agastya Lake contrast with the natural greens, browns, mud-reds, and beige stones. Nature’s palette in Badami is one that will paint an impression on your heart; so make sure that you carry a camera!

Chikamagalur, Karnataka
One of the many nature scenes in Chikmagalur – Source: Melagiri

Coffee and Chikmagalur:

The region has been famous for its great Chikmagalur coffee, ever since a few beans were smuggled from Yemen into India several hundred years ago. The mossy hills, wooded areas, and mist-filled air create the ideal setting for cultivating coffee, and for travelers who dare to venture up through the difficult terrain.

Gokarna and Sunset Cliffs, Karnataka:

Eclectic and enjoyable, the picturesque town of Gokarna is another great place to get away from it all while enjoying a slice of civilian life. The sandy beaches, unexplored coves, rocky cliffs, and elusive traditions combine in ways that are perfect for anyone wanting to step off the beaten trail. Breathe, relax in the sun and explore to your heart’s content.

Explore Bangalore, Karnataka:

And for nature lovers who wish a taste of city life, there’s always Bangalore. Pulsing with energy, the street cafe, shops, galleries, and palaces provide a picture perfect answer to everyone who loves a mixture of beautiful landscape, culture, and tradition.

Karnataka is a nature lover’s dream. Take a walk on the wild side and remember to use your payback point’s card for free tickets and less expensive rates on many attractions. From quiet retreats to white water rafting, there’s something for everyone in Karnataka!

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