Junk and Me!

BHAG DK BOSE I want to see
BHAG MILKHA BHAG I do not want to see
Meaningful films I do not want to see
JUNK films I want to see

HAROLD ROBBINS I want to read
SALMAN RUSHDIE I do not want to read
Meaningful books I do not want to read
JUNK books I want to read

BACH I do not want to hear
Meaningful music I do not want to hear
JUNK music I want to hear

BIG CITY and GOOD HOTEL WITH SATELLITE TV is my idea of vacation
SOLITUDE and TREKS through RUSTIC COUNTRYSIDE is not my idea of vacation
Meaningful vacations I cannot do
JUNK vacations with JUNK FILMS, JUNK BOOKS, JUNK MUSIC is what I can do
Right now.

About the Author: Ashwini Mathur is a resident of Hyderabad. In the past he has worked at GSK Pharmaceuticals as a Senior General Manager and at Novartis after that. He has a Master’s degree in Mathematics from IIT Delhi, a PhD in bio-statistics from University and College Berkeley, California and an executive MBA from IIM Bangalore.

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