Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way!

 “Ho Ho Ho” –Santa Claus is coming along everyone. Yes! It’s the 25th of December today. As I lay upon my couch in this chilly winter morning, my frontal cortex revives those old school days. I did my schooling till standard 10th in a Christian school and henceforth this festival was one big bash of the year that every curious eye looked forward to. The School ended on 15th with the “Grand Christmas Celebrations”.  Every standard started the preparations for their respective performances from two months before the final show date. I have taken part in almost all the celebrations and no doubt that counts as one of the most fond memories of my school life. Even if I am not a Christian, I celebrated 25th of Dec with my siblings, eating delicious pie, singing Christmas carols in front of a handmade cardboard decorated Christmas tree and preparing a ‘Santa wish-list’. I know it feels kind of childish and stupid now but that was the reason I looked forward to this holiday with an eagerly waiting innovative mind to make a better beautiful, creative Christmas tree each time and get selected for different performances each year as you head on to senior classes. Being a junior kid, you get to be a part of the carol-singing choir and later you get to be the head of it and stand in the middle of those tiny kids gang with the main mike directing the show and starring in it. Be it grooving new dance moves on the peppy songs in class two and three or be a part of the Christmas drama portraying Christ’s birth, all of it was a new experience then.

Merry Christmas!

Being now in the senior year of ‘med-school’, when I ponder over those fading old memories, I feel refreshed with a new zeal to make more of such new memories aiming to never let that innocent and creative mind to die down underneath the heavy load life lays down upon us.  These holidays as I have the old flashbacks of that silly, innovative ‘10 years old me’, the ‘present 19.5 years old me’ wants to travel back in time and sing “Rudolf, the red nose reindeer”, “Dashing through the snow”, “Long time ago in Bethlehem”, cut out cardboards to make 3-D pine trees, decorate it with shiny bells and streamers and once again, enjoy the tasty Christmas pie.  Well, at-least I can still have that last part of eating the “mother-made home cooked finger-licking delicious food” and the ‘present me’ feels blessed in that.

In the end, I would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Don’t forget to make your wish-list for Santa this year.

Merry Christmas!

Stay Tuned!

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