India is famous worldwide for variety of festivals which are celebrated here.Not more than 10 days since the Onam another festival is approaching that is ‘Janmashtami’.The word speaks for itself.Seperating the two intermingled words, it says ‘Janm’ and ‘Ashtami’ that means birth and 8th.So basically it is a celebration of lord Krishna’s birthday who was born on 8th of ‘shravanmas'(10th month in Indian calender).Lord Krishna being a child-god is loved by all which makes this function a real big one.

Many people keep fast on that day till the time of Krishna’s birth that is 12 midnight and of course I belong to them.At 12 people go to his temple and gives a tender push to Balkrishna’s swing after ‘aarti’ that is a prayer song to please him.Followed by distribution of ‘prasada’-the most loved part by me!!

One more trend is to play cards up to 12 midnight both ways-with money in casino style and another innocent way is without money which is followed most of the time(at least I do).

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