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IVF or in vitro fertilization has been used worldwide for almost 40 years. For many couples, this is the only way to have children.

IVF or in vitro fertilization has been used worldwide for almost 40 years. For many couples, this is the only way to have children. IVF can help even in cases when natural conception is almost impossible. What does this procedure imply and is it safe? How to get prepared for IVF and how much will it cost?

The basic principle of IVF is that an egg is fertilized with sperm not in a female body, but under managed conditions supervised by an embryologist. This allows controlling the entire process from the moment when the gametes begin interacting to the formation of a healthy embryo and its transfer to the uterus.

In Ukraine IVF is a very popular procedure among both locals and foreign visitors who specifically come to the country with this aim in mind. They’re attracted by the high professionalism and the vast experience of Ukrainian specialists, successfully solving problems of infertility in over 30 IVF clinics currently available there. The foreigners are also financially interested because of the low cost of the procedure in Ukraine. This factor plays a crucial role when choosing the country for the treatment of infertility.

In Ukraine, the cost of a standard package of IVF services ranges from 15 000 UAH to $ 2.500. For each couple, a set of services is selected individually. The final cost is specified only after a treatment plan is designed for this particular couple based on their health condition. Anyway, the price of IVF procedures in European countries start from $ 4,000, and in the United States, in vitro fertilization will cost at least $ 10,000.

How Long Does the IVF Procedure Take?

The timing of pregnancy during IVF is no different from the usual one. The main task is to achieve this pregnancy. The first diagnostic stage usually lasts about 2–3 months. During this time, a couple visits specialists and undergo a series of examinations to identify the causes of infertility. If necessary, the treatment of identified diseases and abnormalities is carried out. If it is not possible to achieve pregnancy naturally even after correcting the identified disorders, the IVF procedure is performed. The duration of the IVF procedure from the start of treatment to pregnancy confirmation depends on the protocol and can take from 25 to 45 days. During this period, all the stages from ovarian stimulation to the embryo incubation and implantation process are carried out.

The suitable age for IVF is up to 35 years in women. While young mothers have a successful pregnancy after IVF in almost every third case, then in women over 40 only one of eight IVF protocols results in delivery of a long-awaited baby. There are some chances to conceive for a woman over 45, but they are rather low. In most cases, the success can be achieved through using donor oocytes, which improves the chances up to those in women aged 35 years.

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