Is time management a trait of boring people?

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Time and tide, they say waits for none.So it wouldn’t wait for me and you either, would it? And when you’re out on your own and into a new job, time management is very very essential. We don’t realize how time passes and before you know it, minutes turn into hours, and hours into days. It just slips past you. (Unless you’re sitting idle in your workplace. Then it’s just the reverse phenomenon!)

time warpIt leaves you with no time to pursue your interests, your hobbies etc. It spares you no time to have some fun! What’s life without fun? Why do we really work? We don’t work to earn. Ultimately we work to enjoy things in life which we can if we earn. That’s how it starts at least. But soon, we forget the ultimate aim and just concentrate on making more money and stock our bank balance. Just seeing those long number of digits makes us happy. But think again, does it really?

That’s just earning and soon we find ourselves yearning for better times. And that’s something no money can buy. There’s no point waiting for a good time. You just have to take it in your hands and make the full use of it. Live like there’s no tomorrow is a cliché, but when you think about it deeply, it makes so much sense! The purpose of life for a human cannot be just money. That’s too shallow as an aim to live for. There are things, bigger than this waiting for us to explore. The things, which when you indulge in, makes you happy!

Time management is not just about being disciplined. The idea that managing time is for boring people is a myth! The more efficiently we can manage time, the more we can enjoy, the more we live. It’s not about having a rigid time-table and following it. Now that’s boring! It’s about being aware of the number of hours you have in a day, and working on how productive you can be in that time. Being conscious about time doesn’t let you waste it, because it makes you realize how important it is. Time is money, indeed.

Every morning take 5 minutes out and think of what you want to do that whole day. When we think in advance, we become more conscious and try to fulfill it. But when we just go with the flow, we tend to get lazy and ignorant. And before we know it, yet another day passes with lots of time wasted and even more time is lost repenting  later about how it could have been spent in a better way.

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So why not avoid all that trouble and just be a little responsible. After all we have one life, and we really don’t know what’s in store for us in future. In fact we have no clue what is in store for us even in the next moment. A blink of an eye can change situations. In a crazy world like these, how do we even think of happiness at a later future? Happiness is not something you save for the future. It’s one feeling you should be free to exploit. Being happy is the best feeling and happiness comes at the cost of doing what you like, for which you need time.

So folks, let’s not get lost in this mad dash of people for success that is devoid of happiness. Let’s take some time out of it and enjoy, and balance our lives. We don’t want an “All work and no play” situation in our lives, I tell you!!!  Wishing you guys take some time off to leave a comment about what you think  of time management, I take your leave for this week in the Serenade Of My City! Toodles!

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