Is Manipal University Jaipur Safe for Girls?

Life for girls at MUJ is pretty standard and fun as any other person on the campus. Unlike many other colleges, MUJ authorities are very open-minded, and most of the times girls get equal opportunities.

Being a girl, you will never feel unsafe on the campus. Security for girls on the campus is given top-most priority. No male-worker can enter the girl’s block without the supervision of a female caretaker. No male guardians or relatives are allowed to enter the girl’s blocks.  The entire campus is under Cisco CCTV system surveillance.

Two Wardens live in each block, and the caretakers as well are available 24/7 in case of an emergency. Any problem regarding the room like broken taps, locks, etc. can be reported using my campus days website, and the service is pretty excellent and on time.

The hostel in-time is at 9 pm, and everyone needs to be in their respective blocks by 11pm. Starting from the last semester, now the inter-block movement is also allowed after 11pm. Moreover, night canteen is available till 2 a.m., where different food outlets in the hostel campus deliver food to your individual blocks. There’s an app called the Joint app to order food at night from the outlets mentioned above. There is also a food vending machine available in G1 (one of the girl’s block).

The behavior of inmates is friendly, which is usually posed about staying inside the girl’s hostel, and the atmosphere isn’t real. It’s fun and feels like home, little hangouts with friends are what we crave for after long chaotic days. No particular kind of behavior disposing any ill feeling towards any specific gender. Staff behaves really well, and all the security and caretakers are very helpful.

As such, there is no restriction on what you wear in the hostel premises, but shorts and flip flops are not allowed in the college campus for anyone be it girls or boys during the working hours. Every block has two elevators, and there are two to three water-coolers per floor in each block.

All the girl’s blocks and washrooms in the college campus are equipped with sanitary pad vending machine. Also, everything you need is available in our very own All mart. There’s an L’Oréal salon in the hostel campus itself. You can easily find the tailor in a shop called Sanchay inside the hostel. Laundry is available inside the hostel campus, and even outside the hostel, there are several options which charge a nominal price per kg of clothes or according to the number of clothes. Vans of individual laundry companies come to collect your clothes and then deliver at the hostel gate. There’s a courier office inside the campus, and also different courier services, as well as online shopping platforms like Amazon, Flipkart, etc., delivers to the hostel gate.

Transportation for girls is not an issue at all. There are two cab services inside the hostel. Also, most of the time you find someone from the hostel itself to share a cab with to the railway station or airport. Moreover, the inside cab service has started a bus during Sundays to travel the city which charges just a mere 50 bucks. People also go through the local bus or autos, which are cheaper options and they are safe as well, never heard of any complaints regarding them. Even I have traveled alone once or twice during emergencies using the cab service inside the hostel, and I have found it safe, the drivers and staff are friendly as well as trustworthy.

The girl’s side has it’s own badminton courts and one basketball court where entry is allowed even after 11pm, girls can also use basketball and badminton courts in the common area near one of the boy’s blocks (B7) before 11 pm. There are a squash court and recreation area having equipment for table tennis, pool, chess, and carrom. There are common rooms in G1 and B2, one hangout area above laundry and also separate hangout area for girls in G3. Jogging track and a half Olympic size swimming pool with other facilities will be in order from this semester. Moreover, there is a well-equipped gym which consists of yoga rooms as well as the sauna.

Girls get night permission for working in fests and events. Moreover, a lot of interbranch sports competitions occur throughout the year for girls as well as boys. There’s a common mess so you can hang out with friends at lunch, dinner, etc.

To conclude, here at MUJ, you get a very safe and friendly hostel campus where you’ve pretty much access to everything.

About the Authors: This post is taken from the MUJ Freshers group and is written by Shreya Jaggi and her friends.

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