Introducing Rajnikanth to ManipalBlog readers

Today writing about Rajnikanth has indeed become a very tough job…because he has formed such a colossus around himself which is mostly inexplicable…There is no analysis to it… There have been better actors, much more talented, all have had their own fan followings but never has anybody been able to achieve the same status which has been achieved by Rajnikanth… all is just inexplicable.

He worked as a bus conductor, he is now the highest paid actor in India receiving up to 16 crores for his latest movie; he is a popular action hero, melodrama king, a comedian, a villain, a scriptwriter, and even a producer, he is worshiped like god by his audience; and to top it all he is 62 years of age! Who other than the superstar of south Indian film industry, Rajnikanth, can pull all this off! If it’s the Big B in Bollywood, then it’s the Big R down south.

And then, did you notice how the villain in the middle falls without Rajni’s touching him?? That is Rajni for you 🙂

Rajnikanth, originally christened Sivaji Rao Gaewad, was born to Marathi couple Ramoji Rao and Jijabai on the 12th of December, 1950 in Bangalore. Rajnikanth studied at the Acharya Pathshala and Vivekananda Balak Sangh. However, apparently he had to leave school in between because his family was not very well off. He started doing petty jobs, such as that of a bus conductor, to earn a living. But Rajnikanth loved acting so he also did stage plays with his jobs. It was at this time when a friend helped Rajnikanth to join the Chennai Film Institute to polish his inherent talent and learn the nuances of acting.

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