Internet Download Manager Removed Permanantely

For those of you who like to download a movie, program or what you wrote on the internet probably is one of IDM users Internet Download Manager, diama as we know that IDM has a faster download capability diandingkan to download the manual,

But for one hoax after you use the program asks you to enter a registration, know lah .. IDM that we often use the IDM-based Free, so its use is restricted only within one month.

Because we are confused how to buy it on the internet pake Visa Card Paypal Or IDM mending we remove Through its control panel and then we re-IDM newly insta …

But when we run the IDM IDM still ask you to register it because in your Windows System Registration Program is still embedded IDM.

Then how do I permanently delete the IDM? silahakan follow the steps below:

Left click RUN:


Then type “regedit” without the quotation marks


after that will go into the Registry Editor


Please Press F3 to search for IDM after appearing Find What you type in IDM then please ENTER


There we will see all IDM roots are embedded in the Register
Then delete the DELL then Enter
Press F3 to search again IDM Extensions and sialahkan pretty much I think you delete all.
Once finished please search mode Restart your computer.

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  1. I can agree with everything you said but not with the part on domino’s. It’s amazing. That picture you uploaded is definitely not from domino’s

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