International Evening 2012: AIESEC in Manipal University


What could be a better beginning than a lord Ganesha prayer song?

“International evening” contrary to its name, wore all the Indian essence including the tricolour and a vibrant rangoli looking forward for our arrival. The Indian dress code added to the splendor.

The grandeur was complimented by the gracious presence of our chief guest Dr. Vinod Bhat, Dr. K Ram Narayana and Dr. G K Prabhu. This evening was conceptualized on the theme of international peace and cooperation to youth of the world.International evening 2012: aiesec in manipal university 1

What do you infer by ‘International evening’? It sustains the efforts to make students globally conscious and promote the understanding of the culture of students who come to Manipal. Not only this, it was initiated with a vision to provoke the students to explore their talents and multitasking. This initiative was coordinated by many different bodies working together i.e. AIESEC, IAESTE, AMCHI, study abroad programme, the European Union and so on. Moreover, this student exchange programme provides the vivacious interaction between students and teachers. Ever since Manipal has been a resident to 3000 international students and privileged to greet almost 300 students per year.

The above listed organizations aim at building a lively learning atmosphere which encompasses medicine, technology and business studies. They withhold the understanding which promotes intercultural relationships.

What these associations are all about?

1 AMCHI founded in 1986, a non profitable association of MU, European Dental Student Association and the WisdomTooth which works for betterment of humanity.

2 IAESTE India MIT founded in 2005 flagships the exchange programme and strengthens the foothold in the corporate world.

3 AIESEC founded in 2009 with a motto ‘pioneer and deliver excellence to everyone everyday’. This has worked with over 30 different countries.

Apart from this, the eve was accompanied with the cultural programmes and was concluded with the quote, “we behold a hope to work silently and those who have eyes will see and ears will listen”.

It was a wonderful experience over all.

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