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Inquilab Zindabad - Prasanna Venkataraman 1Theme:A young student, corruption in the college, joins politics to save country

Working late night isn’t fun! And especially when you’re an Engineer. Only Facebook and Youtube by side keep you going.

I and my project partner, Sam have been working since evening continuously to complete the current project we’re working on by tomorrow so that our project leader doesn’t have us bench marked next month. Seriously, deployment is tougher than employment in an IT company!

What’s hot on Facebook right now? Refresh 1 new notification!

News update.

Sam Emanuel updated his status.

“Dirty politicians! This happens only in our country!”

I guess, it’s about Anna Hazare’s arrest before his indefinite fast for the Lokpal Bill.

I am neither patriotic nor political in my views but commenting on other’s status is something I love to do on FB! Just like any other active FB user!

“What else you expect in Indian politics?” I comment on his status.

Frankly, I just have superficial knowledge on politics. Just like any other guy of the present day generation, I am into my own plans and ideas of life.  A self centered animal!

“Oh come on Sanny! This is your country. Sound little bothered.”  Sam got on his nerves.

Okay! Let me get this straight to him.

Listen! I am not that into politics. I don’t care if Lokpal bill is passed or not. This country isn’t going to change ever. India will always be India.” I react to Sam’s comment.

First of all, I have no idea about what’s Lokpal! And secondly, once my visa works are done, I am flying out of this country. So, I don’t care!

“Whatever man! The country’s development is stagnant and you are in a way responsible for it!” Sam replies for my comment.

Now I don’t want to reply to the last comment. I know I am one of those brain drain causes. Still, I am what I am. I am in the pursuit of my dream of partying in Vegas one day.

I feel a little stressed out now. Let me take a small break.

I lean back on my chair.

Sam’s a silly fellow seriously!  I close my eyes to rest for a while.


God!  My reflex acts immediately and I remove my hands off.

What did I just touch now? Did I just feel a shock now?

Where am I? Why is it so dark over here?

I look around. It’s very noisy. Million streaks of lightning blind my eyes.

Where is this lightning coming from?

I see a lot of circuits around here! May be millions! Omg!

What place is this? I move forward blindly.

I look down to see the road I am walking on. The road isn’t smooth. Lots of pits and bumps everywhere. Government’s sleeping!

Who the hell lays electricity wires on the roads openly like this?  Americans won’t do this. This should be India! Corrupt government doesn’t care about people’s safety.

As I keep my step forward, I step on a circuit and get thrown away by the voltage. Damn! Screw this government! I lost my spectacles.

“Watch your step!” I hear a voice from behind.

I turn around to see Sam giving me a hand to get up.

“Sam! Where are we?” I ask him with a shaken voice.

“I am not Sam, I am your brain guide!” the guy says picking up my specs.

What? A brain guide?

“What do you mean by a brain guide?”  I ask him. Am I kidnapped or something?

As I begin to get tensed, I hear a lot of noise around the place.

“Your hormonal levels are going up because you’re tensed. That’s why you hear this noise. Be relaxed. I am your brain guide. We’re now inside your head.” He explains to calm me down.

Now, the situation gets creepy!

What? Inside my head? Are you serious? Is this possible by any chance?

“That means I am in my brain?” I shoot a question again.


“But how you look like Sam?” I ask him doubted.

“I am just your projection. Forget it!”

Now I understand. These bumpy roads are Sulcus and these electricity wires are neural circuits. The shock I felt was because I touched a circuit which was letting an impulse pass through. I am walking on my brain! How weird?

“Okay! So why are we here? What do you want me to do with my brain?” I ask my guide.

“Nothing! Just some manipulation. “ The guy replies. “Now hold my hands. I’ll take you to your memory centre which is biologically hippocampus.”

Hippo what? I touch his hands and get transported to hippo-something.

I open my eyes to see racks of files.

“You see, this is hippocampus. All the things you saw, felt, learnt, heard in your past are stored here. So let me see. You’re an Indian. Aren’t you?” he asks me reading the file he pulled out from a rack.

“Yes! I am! But how did you find out?” I ask him bemused.

“Quite simple. I can see your ID proofs here. You have a Pass port, a driving license, a PAN card but where is your election ID? I don’t see it.” He says sarcastically.

“I don’t have one.” I reply with a sense of shame.

“You don’t have one? Your brain looks at least 23 years old by its maturity. You are allowed to vote by 18. Isn’t it?”

“Yes! But I never applied for it.” I reply back.

“So you never did your duty and you talk about your country’s progress. Now that’s very interesting. Politicians never change, India never changes because you don’t change them!” he explains.

I am dumbstruck. What counter can I probably give? I don’t even have an election id and I comment on my country’s politics. Real shame!

“Okay! Now hold my hands. I’ll show you your Blood brain Barrier!” he says giving his hand to me.

I touch and get transported to a dam.

Mind blowing! This is how blood flows to my brain. Looks a river of blood!

“What you see here?” the guide asks me.

“Blood flow!” I reply.

“Exactly! What do you see in your blood?” a weird question.

What? I am a computer science student for heaven’s sake!

“I know you’re a computer science student. I can sense the activations in your sensory cortex. Now, one more chance. What do you see in your blood?” he shoots the same question again.

“I don’t know!”

“I see a lot of Apathy in your blood. Apathy for your country!” Apathy?

Yes! Apathy! Your country doesn’t develop because you don’t care about your country! Do you?” the guide makes me dumbstruck again.

“Now, hold my hands again.”

I hold his hands and get transported to a hill. Water flows down the hill but still the temperature is high in this place. 

“Do you know on what you’re standing?” the guide asks.

“A hill.” I say.

He bursts out in a wild bout of laughter and continues, “This is your master gland. The Pituitary gland! This is what is responsible for the secretion of all the hormones in your body including Adrenaline.”That’s not water flowing down my friend! Those are your hormones and that’s why it’s hot here!” the guide explains.


“Adrenaline is the hormone which is responsible for your fright, flight and fight behaviors.” He explains.

“You fright?”


“You flight?”


“Do you fight?” he asks me sarcastically again.

“No! I usually don’t.”.

“Nope! You don’t. You complain that the politicians curb your rights because you don’t fight back once you lose it.” I get a globus throat when my guide explains.

My head is filled with guilt which makes me realize that I never had any right to comment on India.

“Finally, Hold me now!” he says.

When I do it, I get transported to a theatre.

“What place is this?” I ask him.

“This is your visual cortex. Watch the movie now. By the end of the movie you’ll find your way back.” He says.

But how will I get back without you?

“Don’t worry. You’ll not be lost.” He says.

The movie starts with a person walking down the gallows.

At the point of getting hanged a British jailer tells an Indian, “Ramprasad Bismil, you were warned not to take part in the revolutionary activities. You acted against the government. So you’ll be hanged until death now!”

Bismil smiles and says, “It’s easy to kill a life but not an idea. Let the idea shall never die!”

“What’s your last wish?” the British asks him.

“I wish to be born a hundred more times so that I can die a hundred more times for my country. Inquilab Zindabad!” He says proudly with his eyes clear and defined.

“Alright! Here is your first time!” the British says and laughs.

The next minute the life is ended.

This stirs my mind now. What I had been thinking about my country all these days?  The country’s freedom was hard fought but freedom has never reached the citizens of India. It stays with the people with power.


I feel a black out and I come back to senses

Replay. My laptop monitor recommends. The movie ended. I don’t believe that I watched Indian revolutionists’ documentary on YouTube which I never bothered to do all my life.

What did just happen? Where was I? I don’t know. But I know one thing. The idea has been planted in my head and it won’t die soon. 

India will be always India because i don’t try to change it. Rightly said!

What have I done for my country? Nothing! But I need to do something! What’s the least I can do?

I open my Facebook account. Go to my status bar and update,

Inquilab Zindabad!” 

                                                       Long live the revolution!

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