India’s Offbeat careers

f you can think out of the box, there is no need why you should confine yourself to the conventional career options. Unconventional offer immense creative and monetary possibilities.
Find out the best one for yourself:
If you harbour such artistic instincts, then illustration could be a career option for you. These days graphic novels have become the hottest literary accessory. Already a well-established genre abroad, it is in its infancy in India. The aggressive marketing of comic versions of popular titles such as Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew is an indicator of the expanding market of illustration in India. If you which to become an illustrator you could attend workshops conducted by art institutes or cultural centres to gain further insight into the genre. But do not enter this field just for the sake of money. That would come much later. If your style of illustration and portfolio is inclined towards commercial work then you could join an advertisement company or a design house. They are invariably the biggest absorbers of illustrators. The previous generation was used to seeing the print advertisements that were copy heavy. But all this has become passé  in today’s age. “A catchy logo, a picture and one line are all advertisers look for.
By chocolatiers one does not mean your friendly neighbourhood aunty who occasionally dabbles in homemade chocolates. That is how, sadly, most people understand the fine art of chocolate making in India. But in reality it requires both creativity and specialised knowledge. Today, educated urbanites travel international destinations and are pushing the demand for high quality chocolates in their home cities. Despite the optimism, there are only a few trained professions in this field.The primary reason is the absence of decent courses in India. Starting one’s own business is perhaps the most preferred route of most chocolate artisans. It is also a good time for such entrepreneurs because while there is a healthy curiosity in the market there is little competition. Additionally, you could join the chocolate confectionery industry as a chocolate taster. These are research and development personnel who mainly deal with trying out new recipes. This is a lucrative option as starting salary can go as high as Rs.1 lakh per month.
Disc Jockey
Disc Jockeying is a passion and the DJ needs to be in love with the music 24X7 as one needs to constantly source for good music. An ear for music coupled with the basic knowledge of equipments is the primary requirement to get into the profession. An enthusiast can learn the ropes of the profession at various DJ schools. The profession definitely has its advantages and disadvantages. The plus is that you get to travel the world, pursue what you like and can make good money once you make a name for yourself in the industry. There is also glamour attached to the profession. But there is a flip side too – the timings are irregular and there are chances of DJs getting into substance abuse.
Fitness Trainer
The fitness trainers are trained professionals who specialise in the formal and practical education of anatomy and exercise physiology, kinesiology and biomechanics, strength training, pilates and much more. Few people in India have an understanding of the profession and it is not considered a serious vocation. But the scenario is getting a push and considering it is not much explored the growth potential is tremendous.
Footwear Designer
Footwear designers come in, with their creative ideas to transform your shoes to suit the brand ‘you’. It is not hard to begin in the field of footwear designing. Innovation and solid passion can drive an individual to conceptualise design patterns. The designs can be inspired from anything, be it people, nature, culture or cinema. Standing in the midst of a retail revolution, the footwear market is all set to boom. Therefore, the need for designers and trained professionals with pertinent technical know-how is rising.
Gift Wrapper
Today, chocolates are swathed in pink organza and candles are bundled in ropes of pearls. All thanks to a new, growing breed of gift designers for all those who like working with ribbons, fabrics, crystals and flowers, gift packing is a fresh and innovative career option. Most people think wrapping gifts is a frivolous job. But the truth is that there is a big difference between someone who knows how to pack and a designer.
Make-up Artist
Make-up is an art and has to come from within. The excitement of adding intrigue to the ordinary and the challenge of lending a new sheen to luminaries are the cravings that encourage an artist towards picking up the make-up kit. Only a make-up artist can enthral the audience by paying attention to the detail and keeping in mind the customer’s distinct personality. Make-up artists are not only the need of fashion models and movie stars but are sought by numerous people and are a particular hit during the wedding seasons.
Micro-finance Expert
Microfinance sector essentially deals with providing the financial services to low income clients who traditionally lack access to banking and related services. It also means integrating the financial needs of poor people into the mainstream financial system. Microfinance doesn’t have the glamour of a big banking firm but it offers stability. Recruits are placed in small towns and villages instead of the metros but a lot of young people who see this as a way of combining social and economic growth have started participating.
Adventure Sports Instructor
If the life of adventure sets your pulse racing and adrenaline starts surging in your veins then perhaps career in adventure is the way for you. The opportunities in the world of adventure sports are in abundance as there are different forms of sports. The and activities include mountaineering, trekking, rock climbing, skiing, etc; water activities include scuba diving, kayaking, canoeing, water skiing, white water rafting, etc; and the air activities include paragliding, skydiving, etc.
A sommelier or a wine steward, a hitherto unknown professional in India, is going to play a huge role in the hospitality industry in the coming years. A sommelier typically wears many hats. Wine tasting is one aspect of their job. If in hospitality segment, a sommelier is in charge of training the staff, preparing a wine list for the restaurants, looking into the logistics involved in getting the right wine at the right time to the hotel and interacting with the guests.

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