Incorporate Instagram Feeds into the Design of Your Business Website

Instagram feed

Currently, the various platforms of social media websites, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat etc., have taken over the internet by storm, and there are plenty of marketing strategists and website makers who have taken the maximum advantages that are possible from this situation. Today digital marketing is the way to go forward with business marketing, and it is not disputed that social media, especially your Instagram feed, has a huge role to play in this scheme of things.

One of the most efficient platforms that serve this purpose today is Instagram, and it has gained much popularity in this field in recent years. Instagram is versatile, and it can be very well incorporated into your web design and in the way you develop your business website also. Using social automaton, you can use a 2020 buffer alternative to schedule your Instagram posts and boost your business.

The number of active users who use Instagram is increasing monthly, and hence it is a favorite for many web developers. There are ways you can buy instant Instagram likes and grow your following.

However, in this article, you shall learn about some insights relating to Instagram feeds, Digital Trends on buying followers, and you will learn how you can also include them in your web design to grow your business.

Embedding your Instagram feed

One of the easiest ways and simplest methods by which you will be able to integrate your Instagram into your web design is by embedding your Instagram feeds. A lot of brands and business use this method to include Instagram on their website. Many stores have some photos of their products with the price details in their website, and they also leave an embedding in their website through which you can go and visit their Instagram account and view their pictures and their other products which are not in general appropriately featured in their main site.

By this method, they can draw their Instagram followers onto their business website while drawing their clients from their website to their Instagram account. IT would be more helpful if the design of your site and the colors used match the colors on your Instagram profile as this will make your Instagram account appear more official and also attract some more clients.

The lookbook through Instagram

By using a single page, you can create a whole website’s worth of good content, and this is the reason why Instagram is such a useful tool for marketers. You will not have to make up new content, and you will just have to post new images and create the required type of contents. There are plenty of brands which use such techniques to enhance their lookbooks and their style pages.

These pages use Instagram to promote their content and also market it subtly. Your Instagram page and your business website can be smoothly integrated, and you can provide information about your products from the sites too. The thumbnails of those images when they are being expanded over on Instagram will give the user links for shopping and the essential information which they may require while working on the link.

Focusing on sales

It is essential that you gain as many followers as you can on Instagram because it will help in increasing your sales as it will increase the number of people who visit your website because your website will be linked to your Instagram page. There are a lot of clothing brands and stores which extensively and almost exclusively use Instagram for their marketing requirements. In general, you can do this too by creating an Instagram page which is primarily focused towards marketing.

Put up straightforward info and mention to the users that this is a business page where they can browse and shop for your products. You have to provide the links at the right places so that when they click on a photo to see it, the links directing them to your website from where they can make a purchase must be visible also. E-commerce businesses use Instagram a lot for this purpose. It offers them a chance to showcase their entire inventory on their page, something which they cannot do on their business website as it will make the site look cumbersome.

Hashtags in your feed

Hashtags are useful because they make your posts more visible to people, and allow users to discover your products. Hashtags make it possible for you to engage your customers more intricately with your business. It will help you to keep customers updated and aware of various areas of your business.

Hashtags also make your website easier to locate. However, use your hashtags wisely, put up relevant hashtags always s this will help you win the faith and confidence of your customers. Hashtags help you to communicate with your customers also as when customers use your hashtags they can easily find you and address their problems. However, once again, it is essential that you have a lot of Instagram followers on your page to ensure maximum usability.

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Instagram is a natural part of the social media strategies of most businesses today. It has grown to be a leading social platform in a short span of time. Combining the unique features of Instagram in your business website’s design can help you to grow your business by making the site from social media-friendly and easily accessible and understandable for many users. Instagram’s main attraction is its minimalistic and simplistic basic design.

Using this for your business website can no doubt have a positive influence on your business mainly since customers and users like simplicity in design and layout. As long as the theme and design are not complicated, it stands to increase the usability and functionality of your business website which will make your site more popular and consequently generate more sales.

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Walter Moore is an experienced social media marketing agent who has written extensively on digital marketing strategies on many blogs and websites. With his articles,he shares essential tips for business branding with real Instagram followers.


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