In love with my friend

Hi Juliet,

This is clichéd, but I’m in love with a friend of mine. Of the same-sex. I’m not sure if they are bisexual or homosexual though, so I really don’t know what to do. Should I make a move? Or just hope it passes?

— Confused Romantic


Dear Confused Romantic,

Well, to find out if they are bi/homosexual or not, you could work it into a conversation. Bring up a book or movie that you’ve read/seen recently that featured a bisexual or homosexual character. Or say something about your views on gay marriage. There are plenty of ways to ask without actually “asking”. Also, it depends on whether you are in the closet. If you’re out, and they accept you for it, then you could just go with the direct method.

But you have to consider the effect it may have on your friendship. Is it worth the risk? If so, and you’ve found out their views on homosexuality are positive, then maybe you should make the move. But think carefully. If you make a move and they don’t feel the same way though, just make a joke out of it to ease the tension and hopefully things would go back to normal. Either way, good luck!

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