I wish i could be you

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I wish i could be like my mum sumday
     the mother, the wife, the daughter, the daughter-in-law,  the lyricist, the sister
     the struggler..wen no1 had faith on her
     the determination to achieve success wen she entered a new world
     the competence to luv us
     the ability to spell out the truth wen it was intricate to do so
I wish i could be like my dad sumday
     the father, the spouse, the son, the son-in-law, the singer, the dramatist
     one who cares for us
     one who loves us because its us
     one who believes in us
     one who sacrifised his dreams his thoughts because of us
     because we r the family
I wish i could be a nice hominid sumday
    the day wen there would b no sorrows, no regrets, no guilt, no anguish
    only love, affection, emotions, sentiments, happiness
I wish i could be a researcher sumday
   the success, the tensity, the celebration, the pain
   the happiness u share wen u cum up with new innovative ideas
   the wonderful time u spent wid yr team members
murudeshwar 285929   the laughters, the blunders u did
I wish i could be a photographer sumday
  so that i could capture the splendid nature in my microfilms forever
  so that i could capture the lovely moments spent with my dear ones
  those feelings those time those moments that leaves my heart with an imprint of joy, love, enjoyment
I wish i could be dancer sumday
  so that i could dance to the tunes that my heart sings everytime
I wish i could be a singer sumday
  so that i could pour in my thoughts to the song
  the song that flows in my blood like a elixir
I wish i could be a guitarist sumday
  so that i could sing to mee the very own me
  when i am ecstatic, when i am blue
I wish i could be so strong sumday
  so that i could face every challenge that comes my way
  so that i could bear every pain that comes my way
  so that i never cry when i am hurt
  so that i never sob to the pillows in the late hours of night
  not to become numb when sumthin stirs my soul
I wish i could meet a person sumday
  that day my life could head towards a new horizon
  new feelings, new emotions
murudeshwar 286929  that day i could let him love me
  let him love me the way i am
  let him love me because its love
  let him love me beacuse i love him
  let him love me forever  
I wish i could be a writer sumday
  not because its genetic
  but because its a way of expressing the meee in me!
  expressing the feelings that i have concealed in the bottom of my heart for years
  expressing the thoughts that have been chasing me ever since i have gained my senses
I wish i could dig out the person in me
  the person am unaware of
  the person i have been searching for years
  longing for aspirations
  longing for thoughts
  longing for explanations when i do sumthin
  that amazes me, that makes me happy, that hurts me, that makes me cry
  that leaves me entangled with emotions
I wish i could make sumone happy sumday
  make sumone proud
  make sumone long for me
  make sumone love me forever
  make sumone say ah! tat’s my gal!
I wish i could fulfill all my wish sumday
folks say
  i am mad
  i am always lost in me “my very own world”
  sumtyms i don listen to them when they talk
  i forget things
  i am crazy about music, good food
  i care too much
  i give free advice
  i have a bad temper
  i am a nature lover
  i get too much involved with my lappy
I wish i could explain them sumday
I wish i could make them understand me well
I wish i could make them realise i hate being taken for granted all the time
I wish i could spell out those unsaid words that i have always wanted to spell out
I wish sumday everyone could be happy with eachother
  no one stays lonely makin their life turn into hades
murudeshwar 288229
I wish sumday everything could be perfect with a little bit of imperfection
  that day i could lie down in my bed peacefully not to wake up the next morning
  but to sleep forever
 That day i wish i  would
   be able to face the inevitable death
   be reborn again sumwhere else
   with a new identity
   with  a new name
    as  a new person 
    as  a new human being
I wish i could be a person sumday
that i have always wanted to be….

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