“I Want To Live”

Afternoon classes can be pain on any given day. After having lunch all you want is an undisturbed afternoon siesta interrupted by sweet dreams and an occasional beep on your phone reading proxy given…Ahh! awsmmmmmmm feeling. And when the attendance is short and head is all in a muddle, you unwillingly set out for the afternoon lectures.
We 2nd year MBBS students have our lectures on the 6th floor. Now that itself is a reason enough to hate the afternoon lectures. Girls have their monopoly on the lift and when you stand near the lift you get drop down dead looks “this is our territory!!!” To save myself from the blushes and the scary looks I decided to use the stairs rather. Now the 1st floor has a Pathology lab. Outside the lab you generally find a few patients waiting for their test reports.
That day was no different. I saw a family waiting outside looking glum. They seemed to be tensed and their was a child hovering around saying something almost in a singsong manner. The medium was Kannada and ofcourse beyond my comprehension. Meanwhile I had already stopped by out of curiosity. Soon I saw the Post Graduate come out and hand over the report. The pg said something and the mother sat down, with tears in her eyes. Women are the best when it comes to handling situations. God has blessed them with the best of mechanisms to deal with situations. They can cry things off. There is a tear for every occasion. She can cry in fear, anger, delight, grief and virtually everything and perhaps on every occasion that God may dish out to them. The father was tensed and seemed to curse his fate. Meanwhile the child had continued his rhyme and now was a little more loud.

ahmedabad mother child
Out of curiosity I asked a clerk what was the boy singing. And I was shocked to hear his answer. The child in his most polite bid was conveying to his parents “I want to live…don’t leave me.” What could somebody say…What could I have done. I couldn’t do anything. The clock struck two. I was getting late for the class.

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