I Walk Alone

Source: Mentors and Friends: Why You Need to Be a Spiritual Matchmaker

I walk alone through this world below,
Through the wilderness of toil and strife;
With nature as a friend and the world as a foe,
And a will for a future life.

I walk alone 1
Mentors And Friends: Why You Need To Be A Spiritual Matchmaker

I walk alone in the darkness here
Toward the dawn of a brighter day,
Toward the world where the lonely heart is at rest,
And life will forever be gay.

I walk alone with my endless dreams
The dreams that unfold into days,
The days that unfold into months and years,
And then vanish far away.

This process will continue till my dying day,
And then at the setting of my final sun;
I’ll find the joy that is laid up for the few
Who have lived and walked alone.

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