Tiwari Chaat Manipal – The Hunt for Street Food

The pani puri in both sweet and spicy variants

This week, the hunt was on for street food and where better to begin than Tiwari Chaat? Wait! hold your horses, I’ll tell you which one. For those who don’t know, there is more than one Tiwari Chaat. Tiwari Chaat is like the Monster Donut of Manipal (Percy Jackson anyone?). One near Venugopal temple, one in the lane next to the post office and one near MIT.  If there are more, feel free to inform us.

For lovers of street food, Manipal is not exactly Eden. But starving yourself of street food isn’t an option either. Tiwari Chaat is one of the best chaat places around. It is located near the MIT main entrance. This place witnesses a crowd of students every evening after class hours.

The pani puri in both sweet and spicy variants
The Pani Puri In Both Sweet And Spicy Variants

I will begin with my favourite, paani puri. It is a treat for lovers of spice. They have good homemade puris which are uniquely crispy. For people who can’t take spice, the sweet chutney might help. No guarantee, but no denying, it is fun food. Everybody loves gossip and streaming eyes.Dsc_1033a

We also tried masala puri and aloo tikki which were pretty decent. The sweets are okay too. We tried the Lavanga Latta which turned out to be quite good. If you are feeling adventurous, I suggest you give it a shot.

Lavanga latta
Lavanga Latta

Tiwari Chaat is a decent place to go for street food. It is very pocket friendly and not very unfriendly to the stomach. Also, there is a high chance that you might bump into someone interesting. Just saying. A lot can happen over paani puri.

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