How to Untag Photos on Facebook – Part 2

The steps to untag your photo on Facebook are very simple, and any Facebook user will be able to carry out this with ease. You must remember that untagging a photo will only stop the photo from appearing in your photo library. The image will still be present on their profile, and if you want it deleted completely, then you need to get your friend to do so. In the meantime, follow these steps on how to untag photos on Facebook.

Go to the Facebook website first and log in to your profile and go to your homepage.

  • Now visit your own profile by either clicking on the Profile tab on top, or by clicking on your name anywhere on your homepage.
  • Now go to the option View Photos of Me and open the image in which you wish to untag yourself.
  • Under the image you will see your name, and next to that you will see the option Remove Tag.
  • Click on this to untag yourself and the process will be completed.

There you go. That was all the information on how to untag photos on Facebook that you need. There are some quirky rules that Facebook has about the whole tagging and untagging business, but you can go to Account Settings and then Privacy Settings on the top right corner of your homepage and alter settings as you see fit.

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