How to Untag Photos on Facebook – Part 1

Facebook is the most popular social networking website out there today, and it has more than 600 million members from all around the world. One of the most useful aspects of Facebook is the ability to upload tons of images from your everyday life, and these pictures can be viewed by all the friends that you have connected with, and this is the reason why someone would want to learn how to untag photos on Facebook. No matter how much you argue and say that this is a lack of privacy, the fact is that millions of people do this consciously and wish for their pictures to be seen by one and all.

Tagging someone on Facebook means that you have uploaded an image, and then you specify the names of the people who are present in the image and link the image to their Facebook profiles. This image is not added to their picture library and it shows up on the news feed of all their friends as well. This is exactly what makes Facebook so popular, since the whole process is an intertwined ‘social network’.

This is all well and good when you upload pictures and tag your friends and your friends tag pictures of you that have your consent. Sometimes though, there are some unsavory images that people upload, and for some reason or the other, you do not want the world to see you in that picture. If you can coerce your friend to delete the picture it is fine, but if not, then you will need to learn how to untag yourself on Facebook. You may also like to see this debate on the pros and cons of Facebook.

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