How to Set and Achieve Goals

Self development of our lives involves learning how to set and achieve goals. In some cases this is easy to do, for instance there are many goals in our daily routines, we set the goal to buy something we need and then we achieve the goal by going to the store.

When you set and achieve goals, you are improving yourself, which in turn has an effect of everything you do and everyone you interact with in your life. People run into trouble with achieving their goals because of the misconceptions about the process.

Many people give goal setting a low priority in their lives, yet they want to be successful. Success takes focus and you can only focus on something when you know what you want. This is the key to how you set and achieve a goal; identify the desire and make a decision to take a certain action.Man jump

When people start thinking about how to set and achieve a goal they think it will be a difficult process or too time consuming. Creating an action plan is the best way to use your time effectively. 75% of the success of reaching a goal comes from being ready for what the goal requires.

There are factors that you need to consider to get the most out of the process. Recognize that procrastination is the enemy of process, the best time to create an action plan for your goal is the present. It is not enough to just think about your goals and mentally plan how to reach them. It is a three-part process;

  1. A need or desire presents itself; this is the idea to take a certain action
  2. You begin to think about how to carry out the idea; this is the written plan
  3. You follow the plan to make the idea a reality; this is the manifestation of your goal

Thinking about your goals is the beginning, when you put your goals in writing, it helps you to clearly see your objective and make a commitment to your plan. Keeping your written goal plan with you reinforces their potential, embedding them in your mind and strengthening your focus in both the short and long-term.

Planning for the future is one of the goals that many people avoid because they think they have no power over what is going to happen. The reality is that you are creating your future by the actions you take today. If you want your future to be different than your present, using a plan to make every day a step toward the future you want puts more power in your hands.

You can create the greatest idea in the world and write a winning plan to make it happen, but if you do not apply the plan, you have defeated the purpose. Keep a proactive attitude to your goals and realize it is better to work smart, not hard. Using time management tools, being open to communicate and collaborate with others will help you to achieve your goals.

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