How to Make Job Search Networking Work for You

Do a general search under the term “networking” at and you come up with 8,590,000 entries, add “personal” in front of it and you get 1,720,000 entries.

If you are conducting a job search and are being told that networking is the key, you might want to take some time on the subject since it seems to cover everything from connecting two or more computers to finding a babysitter, antique china, foreign car parts, odd sized shoes, or a mate, date, and airplane ticket!

At first pass you’re going to think its pretty simple, just get out and meet people, right? Sure, that’s one way to do it. But the Experts we talked to tell us differently.

We spoke with several Career management professionals who tell us that networking, when done correctly is the key to the effective job search. According to several recent studies, including, the majority of jobs are found through this method.

According to one professional, “Networking is a dynamic process of collecting industry information and data from personal contacts that will eventually lead to the knowledge of a position opening.”

Networking is a dynamic process because its primary goal is to contact enough people who in turn provide you with additional contacts that your visibility, availability, and interest become known to the broadest possible base of appropriate people.

So what is the correct method of networking in job search?

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