How To Boost Up Your Teams Workplace Morale

open office workplace morale

An efficient team should be the priority of every company. It is no less important than the profit generated since profit is proportional to the degree of employees’ satisfaction at work. Positive work cultures undoubtedly yield better results and strong employee morale is the key part of running a successful business. It reflects the overall attitude and satisfaction of your staff who needs to feel confident and positive about their work environment.

As the employer, you have the power of creating a pleasant environment by controlling the effectiveness of your managers, their interaction with employees as well as interaction among employees themselves. There are many programs available to improve team interactions, one such is the true colors test which has proven empathy training for teams and their leaders.

Read on to find out about the most effective ways of ensuring your company’s admirable work culture.

  1. Emphasize the importance of a good work-life balance

Pursuing a career may often go well beyond the boundaries of a healthy work-life balance and can take its toll on the employee. However, the bosses are not the only ones to blame when their staff stays in working overtime. Many ambition-driven individuals will push themselves too hard in order to fulfil their own expectations as well as the expectations of their peers and superiors. This kind of behaviour eventually leads to burnout and the employee feels that leaving their position is the only way to resolve the problem.

This leads to the following conclusion – not only should employers restrain from requiring overtime work on a regular basis, but they should also prevent their staff from sacrificing their social and family life. This way, the employee feels valued and appreciated, and most importantly, they know that their superiors care about their overall wellbeing. This helps create a healthier and more positive attitude towards work, and undoubtedly, higher morale.

  1. Provide a Breakroom

Having a breakroom is much more than just providing your employees with the opportunity to have a cup of tea, coffee or a quick snack. Breakrooms are places where relaxed conversations happen, and this means a fruitful exchange of ideas with bursts of creativity. Your employees will be more than happy to have a reason to get up from their chairs after several hours of work and stretch their legs in order to enjoy a hot beverage.

A quick break often helps clear the mind, and it will definitely help them resolve some issues they were pondering over for hours. Coffee is extremely popular as it will give you that much-needed jolt once the midday slump hits, so equipping your breakroom with a quality office coffeemaker will definitely be a very welcomed move.

With the changing work culture across the globe, offices have started to allow their employees to bring pets in the office. If you are not ready to start this, you may consider having an aquarium from Aquael UK, with fish and other aquatic animals in the break room.

  1. Smile More

A smile goes a long way. It gives the impression of one being more likeable, courteous and competent. Your employees spend most of their day immersed in their tasks, so a heartfelt smile will reassure them and let them know that everything is alright and that they are doing a good job.

Smiling is infectious and once you start it will definitely catch on. Science tells us that even a forced smile reduces stress; when the brain receives information from those particular face muscles, it automatically boosts the happy hormones thinking you’re smiling for a reason. Whichever the reason behind your smile maybe, it won’t fail to make you feel better immediately. 

  1. Focus on Building Trust

 Company leadership which inspires trust is sure to achieve high morale among the employees. Nowadays, people feel much more comfortable when their company is transparent, and they know how the decisions are made. They feel safe. morale improves and they contribute more. Furthermore, such cooperation between management and staff creates a sense of value. Individuals feel free to share their ideas, they feel that their opinion matters and that they’re not just a faceless cog in the corporate machine.

Leaders benefit from transparency as well, since it helps them reduce uncertainty, explain organizational changes and motivate workers when it comes to new opportunities.

  1. Encourage Teamwork Outside the Office

Providing opportunities for team members to get to know one another outside the office setting helps create a stronger bond between them, hence creating more efficient cooperation at work. These events usually come in the form of picnics, monthly happy hours with friends and family, lunchtime trivia events and the like, where employees interact on a more personal level. There are trivia question ideas that you can check for your team bonding activities.

It is advisable to invite new hires to join in as well, even before their first workday. This helps to incorporate them into the friendly company culture and ease them into the system.

A happy employee is a productive one. Try to work on positive company culture, and little by little, you will witness a surge in your employees’ morale. They will appear more eager and willing to do their part, offer innovative ideas and contribute to the company’s overall well-being.

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