How Does Pipe Relining Maroubra Work?

Pipe Relining Service
Pipe Relining Service

The pipe relining is a process to fix blocked or broken drains as it is efficient and cost-effective as compared to other traditional methods of fixing the pipes and the drain repairs. It is known as trenchless pipe repair technology as it does not need digging a trench to reach the pipes for replacement. On the other hand, the pipes are fixed where they are with no upturning of the soil. This is what the pipe relining experts do at the pipe relining Maroubra.

Procedures Used In Pipe Relining

  1. The first step before the pipe relining is done, is to examine the damaged pipe with the use of a CCTV camera. This is to find the amount of damage in the pipe and decide if the pipes are to be relined or completely replaced.
  2. After the decision of relining the pipe, the pipe is cleaned using a hydro-jetter. It throws water at high pressure to get rid of the oil and grease in it. It is important because the resin will not bond with the residue in the pipe. If it is not done properly, it may cause uneven linings in the new pipe.
  3. After the pipe is cleaned properly, the lining materials are assembled. The liner is added to the calibration tube that pushes out the liner when curation is to be done. The calibration tube is made up of polyester or fiberglass. After this, the two-part epoxy resin is mixed properly.
  4. The liner is compressed in an inversion trailer to see that the epoxy approaches all the fiber in it. This process is known as wetting out. Afterward, the liner is kept in a bowl of ice to prevent it from curing before placing it.
  5. Then the liner is added into the inversion tank and the lining process begins. The pipe is then filled with epoxy to access the point upstream. The resin is cured to make it hard. This is why the system of relining is called as cured in place, as the resin is left to air dry or the process is quickened with the use of hot water and steam after placement and not cured before fixing it. Ultraviolet light is used in the tube to complete the curing process.
  6. When the resin is dried and hardened to form the new pipe, a robotic cutter is used to open up all the closed junctions when the epoxy is forced in. Any other level cutter may also be used to open up the spaces if there is no robotic cutter. Finally, the pipe is inspected to see that the work was done properly without wrinkling or open spaces in the resin.


The system of pipe fixing is durable but the warranty offered by the services of pipe relining may differ. Generally how long does the Pipe relining last? All liners come with a 10-year installation warranty. There are companies which provide a 50-year warranty on their services.

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