How Buying A VPN With Bitcoins Can Save You Money

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Especially in times of economic uncertainties, you probably want to save money whenever you can. At the same time, VPNs are becoming more and more important for the average internet user. Fortunately, VPN Bitcoin payments also offer cryptocurrencies as a payment method giving people even more freedom of choice. You’ll only have to choose a service provider that offers you the best service you could wish for.

Why Do You Have To Buy a VPN Anyway?VPN Transactions

There certainly are several VPN service providers, and with all those free services, you may wonder if you have to buy one. The short answer would be yes and here’s why.

As amazing as using a free VPN sounds, they are not the best choice. Their money will have to come from somewhere to maintain their services as well as their servers. Unless they work on a basis of donations their income usually is created by selling data. And those data would be yours. They may claim to never log your data or share it with anyone.

Only can you not be certain of it with a free service. Without any payments, they have no obligation towards you. You surely can never be certain with a paid VPN service either. However, you can be more assured as your payment gives them a sense of obligation towards you.

Bitcoin’s Value Rises

Save money with VPN
Since more people have jumped onto the cryptocurrency train to save their funds from inflation, the value of cryptocurrencies is on the rise. Bitcoin was once only worth a couple of pennies like many other so-called altcoins at present. As soon as people buy cryptocurrencies, their value automatically increases. Currently, at the writing of this article, Bitcoin is worth 55k US Dollars. That means, one Bitcoin is worth tens of thousands of a regular currency.

It’s easy to assume its value will further increase and presumably it could even hit 100k by the end of the year 2021. If it doesn’t break the 100k mark this year, it probably will do so next year.

If you bought Bitcoin at an early stage for let’s say 80 dollars, you’d be well off right now. But even if you jumped in right now, your invested money will be worth soon enough. The value of your local currency, however, is decreasing due to inflation. There’s currently more money printed and the more money gets printed, the more money is in circulation. The more money is in circulation, the less worth it is.

Inflation Increases Prices For Everything

You may already notice the first signs of approaching hyperinflation. While you always have some sort of inflation rate within your local currency, hyperinflation is a level higher. Service providers and manufacturers have to still meet ends, too. For example, a can of beans usually goes for a dollar. Inflation could cause the manufacturer to sell smaller cans of beans for the same price.

You may not notice a rise in prices for services at the first glance. The price for a certain service could remain the same. To still get the complete service you’re used to, you will have to upgrade and pay more. At some point, this will also affect a VPN service. Services or goods may cost more but won’t take out too much of a chunk in cryptocurrencies for a VPN Bitcoin payment.

No Currency Borders, Fewer Transaction FeesVPN Bitcoin

Bitcoin as well as other cryptocurrencies have the advantage that they can operate anywhere in the world. There are no exchange rates for international transactions for cryptos. Your payment platform will charge you an additional fee for the recalculation of a certain currency. That’s why international payments are so expensive. It doesn’t matter if you used a bank transfer, credit card, or Paypal. A VPN Bitcoin payment is cheaper.

Additionally, every traditional payment platform charges you with transaction fees. Even if you paid in the same currency that’s asked of you from a VPN service provider. Remember that there are people sitting at a desk who process your transaction. The payment platform itself also needs to exist while taxes and other bills need paying, too. Hence, you basically never have a completely free payment method. International transactions take up more transaction fees.

Parting Words On VPN Bitcoin

VPN Bitcoin payments, on the other hand, charge fewer transaction fees. Neither does the receiving party nor you,  have to pay fees for a VPN Bitcoin payment. If you receive a payment on Paypal for goods or services, a fee is deducted from the amount you get. So get out there, do your research, and learn how you can invest in this new and exciting revolution that is cryptocurrencies.

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