How 20-30-Year-Olds Entertain Themselves Online in Manipal

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Manipal is a suburb city in India, popularly known as the Campus Town amongst the locals. It was given that title because most of its occupants are higher institution students. Most of them study at the Manipal Academy of Higher Education and Manipal Jaipur and are mainly between the ages of 20 to 30. As a result of its huge number of student occupants, Manipal has one of the largest numbers of smartphone users in India. Keep reading this article to know some of the activities Manipal’s student occupants do online with their leisure time.

The following are things Manipal occupants between the ages of 20 to 30 do for fun on the internet:

  • Watch online videos
  • Play online games
  • Listen to podcasts

Watch Online Videos

Watching movies and series is a nice way to repel boredom and relax the brain after a long day in class. That explains why student occupants of Manipal visit the best online movie websites to watch their favorite movies in their leisure time for nonstop entertainment. There are lots of interesting Indian and foreign movies and series to pick from, especially on YouTube.

Play Online Games

Another activity they indulge in is online gaming. Manipal has a considerable variety of online games to choose from like puzzle games, chess games, war strategy games, and many more. However, most of the student occupants and locals prefer visiting the best new online casino, as they offer amazing bonuses. Aside from that, they have thousands of slot games, poker games, roulette, and other casino games to keep every Manipal punter satisfied. Besides the thrilling fun of online casinos, gamers stand a lot of chances to win big every time they play.

Listen to Podcasts

Podcasts are among the major sources of endless entertainment for Manipal student occupants. Manipal has different types of podcasts and they include sports podcasts, music podcasts, mystery podcasts, financial education podcasts, true crime podcasts, and so on. Besides that, they also listen to foreign funny podcasts like the popular Hollywood Handbook.

Aside from entertainment, podcasts are useful educational tools. The lecturers and teachers at the famous Manipal Academy of Higher Education use podcasts as teaching assistants. As a result of that, students always access these podcasts to refresh their memories.

Read Comics and Ebooks Online

Manipal student occupants also enjoy reading online comics and ebooks for fun. In terms of comics, there is a wide range of locally made comics constantly read by Manipal occupants. Aside from that, they also enjoy reading Japanese mangas, DC Comics, and Marvel Comics.

In terms of Ebooks, they are another huge source of entertainment to Manipal occupants. There are lots of options to pick from like stories from the classical eras to modern-age fiction. Schools also make use of ebooks as teaching aids and as a result of that, Manipal student occupants spend lots of time online reading them.


Manipal is home to thousands of higher institution students who are mostly between the ages of 20 to 30 years. Due to the easy access to the internet in the city, they indulge themselves in different activities online for fun and school activities.

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