Hoogar discovers goodness in peers, administration of Manipal

KMC Campus
KMC Greens - Pic via Ajay Singh Chauhan [BPT Student at Manipal]

Most of us in this world have one thing in common, we have a responsibility to do what is right. We might do it for a life, money, or just unconsciously. I see some examples of this on campus and in the daily routines of the administration.

My experience with people on campus has been small, compared to the number of students who come to Manipalevery year, but I still get around to hearing a few admiring comments on the work that others do. By others, I mean anyone who lives and breathes on this campus.

KMC Campus
KMC Greens - Pic via Ajay Singh Chauhan (Bachelor of Physiotherapy Student at Manipal University, Manipal)

Someone once told me that it’s better to point out all the good things of a person and not all the bad ones. And that sometimes the reason behind a person’s actions is a good one even though it looks bad. In some cases it can also be the other way around.

Too late do we see the good things that people do. Some writers become famous only after they are dead, because that’s when someone actually notices their work. This is the same for poets, painters, teachers, and even students. Students play a major role in the society of education. Without the first students, Manipal would be just another barren hill. Our teachers also play an important role. They don’t just make sure we attend class, they also make sure we get the facts.

They serve the purpose of improving us because they work for the students. I’m not saying that we should be proud of ourselves, but that we should be glad that we are important and that we affect the college.

Sometimes, when I walk around the campus, I watch people as they head on to their daily business. I imagine them carrying huge chunks of information from one site to the other. Administration plays an interesting role behind closed doors. I notice one person who enters a door to an important but unseen world of our campus. I wonder what goes though this person’s mind each day.

I feel sort of weird that we depend on Isis person to better and defend our college needs and rights. I wish that sometimes students could be invited to see what normally isn’t seen. With responsibility comes pressure, unless you have enough experience to handle stress.

This may be true for those who know that each word they speak is forever etched into millions of minds. When I go home at night to rest and come back to the campus the next morning, I’m glad to see the same people walking about and working to improve our college and us.

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