Highlight of the year!


Just got back from a holiday at home? Gained a few extra kilos as a result of your mother’s extraordinary cooking? Well its the same case with everyone..

When away from home most of us simply loathe hostel food and yearn for ” ghar ka khana” instead. This occurrence is at its peak mostly when exams come around and u have no one to pamper you with homemade goodies

Even when on a telephone conversation with a loved one, the topic of home food often comes up thus resulting in us missing home greatly, mummy’s yummy biriyani, dhadhi’s parathas and keemas, chaachi’s mind blowing aloo parathas, masi’s awesome gulab jamun, and it just goes on and on and on..

So lets admit it, going home is actually the highlight of the year because of this single reason that we get to treat our taste buds to mum’s cooking again and, take my word for it, nothing can bring you more joy than this.

On returning from a holidays spent at home, most of us are often loaded with homemade eatables whether we like it or not and its the food that takes up most of our luggage space!

Therefore folks make sure to take great advantage of your vacations despite the weight gain because its all worth it and of course we are going to need all the energy to survive without our loved ones!

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