Heart Specialists in Coimbatore

A cousin of mine had a serious problem when he was based out of Coimbatore a few years ago. His parents were visiting him for a few days, helping him set up his house among other things following his transfer there for a Multinational tech company. He was getting in to a routine, when his father suffered severe chest pain and he was left trying to find good heart hospitals in Coimbatore, a town he had just arrived at.

He enquired with his colleagues in his newly joined institute about heart specialists in Coimbatore and luckily there were a few he could find that way. It is always a good bet to have a second opinion on something, especially if it relates to health issues. So many times, we end up suffering sue to a wrong opinion of a wrong choice of treatment. How do you know you’re being treated by a good heart specialist? for my cousin, who had just moved in to Coimbatore, it was difficult to know.  This was the time before internet and word of mouth was the only way to find anything and everything in a new town.

Cardiologists or hear specialists undergo intensive training in matters of the heart, including four years of medical school and three years of training in general internal medicine. After this, a cardiologist spends three or more years in specialized training. That’s ten or more years of training! That makes them extremely competent to handle the heart problems.

Cardiologists can identify the heart diseases using a variety of instruments. They will start of with simple physical examination, checking your pulse, blood pressure, weight, heart, lungs, and blood vessels. Some problems may be diagnosed by your symptoms and the doctor’s findings when you are examined. You may need additional tests such as an ECG, x-ray, or blood test. Other problems will need more specialized testing. Your cardiologist may recommend lifestyle changes or medicine. Each patient’s case is unique.

Luckily for my cousin, his dad was suffering from indigestion problems and did not need any further care at any of the cardiac hospitals in Coimbatore.  Matters of the heart are something to be taken seriously and any delay in getting the best treatment may lead to serious problems and may end up with a variety of complications including heart failure, arrhythmias and death.

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