Gujarat CM Narendra Modi to visit Manipal

Gujarat CM Narendra Modi will visit Manipal on May 5th to congratulate the two recently elected BJP Councillors from Manipal. There are only two wards in Manipal and BJP won both comfortably in spite of Congress wave in the state.

The details of the visit were announced to the media by Eshwar Nagar Councillor Devendra Nayak. He said, “After the election results are out, his PA called me up and said Modi bhai wants to personally congratulate both the Councillors of Manipal for putting up a good show in spite of anti-incumbency. ” He said ” Modi bhai was particularly impressed with our performance because we clean swept Manipal in spite of Congress winning neighboring Udupi municipality.”

You look at my hands… but you forget the tricks I’ve already done!!

He added, “The other Councillor and I were really surprised at the news. It took sometime for the news to sink in.”

Modi will also address the student entrepreneurs of the town. There will be an interactive session with them as well.

Student entrepreneurs expressed happiness and excitement over them meeting Modi. Vikram Tomar, Co-founder of said, “It’s a privilege to interact with industry-friendly CM like Modi. I am excited and eagerly looking forwarding to it.”

Coming as it is during the pre-election phase of campaigning, the BJP is banking on his charisma to win back the Mangalore and Udupi constituencies in the legislative assembly. A local party worker said that, Modi’s visit would boost the confidence of the grass root workers and increase the strength of campaigning.

Many students of the town welcomed Modi’s visit but some students were visibly unhappy at the visit. Tulika Ben, a student of MIT said, “I don’t think this will make any difference to our lives. Going by his interaction with SRCC students, I think he will boast about his govt. He might say the kites we fly at Malpe have come from Gujarat and will take credit for that.

Meanwhile, Congress ridiculed the purpose of Modi’s visit. Pramod Bharadwaj, a congress leader from Udupi said, “This is really hilarious. BJP was drubbed badly in both Udupi and Mangalore in the recent elections. Then I hear Modi is gonna come to Manipal. I am sure he will use this opportunity to brag about himself and his govt. Better he also takes a consolation yatra to console all the BJP candidates in Udupi and Mangalore who lost in the recent elections.”

P.S: All the facts in this article are made up! But you already knew that didn’t you?  


  1. Your “This was a joke” articles are getting really boring. Before reading an article on this blog I always make it a point to check for the joke tag. Bad attempt at creating something like Faking News. Try something new, please, you write well. It’s become too repetitive.

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