Greatest Ways to Get Help When Typing Help Is Needed 2018/2019

Living in our current society it is essential to develop great typing skills as most activities involve typing, it not only makes you accomplish your tasks within a reasonable time, but it also helps in exercising your brain.

So what should you do to complete the typing services needed in due time? The following tips should help increase your typing speed so that you can deliver your work in the required time.

  1. Get rid of bad habits

It is the most challenging thing to do as you have become accustomed to it since the beginning of your typing life.  Most people do not use their ten fingers when it comes to typing, and this is so out of habit. It is thus essential that you discipline yourself and you develop the skill of using all your ten fingers. Most professionals who perform a typing service use all their fingers when it comes to typing.

  1. Relearn your finger placement on the keyboard

The only way you will increase your word count per minute is if you learn to use ten of your fingers when it comes to typing. It starts with correct finger placement on your keyboard. The essential thing to know when it comes to this is that your index fingers should rest on the F and J keys, and the rest will fall in place. If this does not work for you, do not be worried; some sites offer step by step guides, like Typing club.

  1. Learn touch typing

It is when you type without having to look at the keyboard. Most professional typists prefer not to look at the keyboard as it distracts them. You should, however, be patient and the process takes a rather long time. Patience and determination are key.

Do not revert to your old typing methods even if the new technique becomes frustrating. After a while trying to convert voice recording to text without looking at the keyboard. If it becomes difficult, take a peek at the keyboard to remind yourself of the positions and then try again, without looking. The aim is to memorize the location of the keys on your keyboard.

  1. Navigate common shortcuts using the keyboard

Why go back to using the mouse when all you need is on your keyboard. To avoid breaking the flow of your typing, use keyboard shortcuts that would otherwise need you to use the mouse. It is critical that you do not interfere with your flow when you type. Most o those shortcuts will need you to use the little finger.

  1. Seek additional help

Typing may become frustrating over time if you do not seem to be making progress. You should however not lose hope. There are typing applications that will further help you in your quest. Type racer and typing maniac are such games.

Typing racer is game that aims to enhance your typing speed. Apart from that, it also offers a fun, interactive platform. Typing maniac also aims at achieving a similar goal.

Touch typing study is a game that enables you to be comfortable with your finger placement. It repeatedly asks you to key in characters using the correct finger with the aim of getting you accustomed to it.

Through all the above the most important things to remember are;

  • Increase accuracy. Type slowly at the beginning of your practice to know the exact position of keys on your keyboard. With time, your typing speed will increase.
  • Practice. Remember always to practice as is improves your typing skill.
  • Stretch. Fingers like all other body parts get fatigued. Stiff fingers are not for touch typing. Stretch them whenever you feel tired.
  • Know your keyboard and develop a rhythm. Remember that the aim is to be accurate when typing your work. Once you do this, you are on the right track to becoming a professional in tying.


Become a typing master is something that requires dedication. With enough practice, you will become very good at it.

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