Got Guts? Stop Now

Stop reading these i can smell your fear
Nothing here contains any value, so just read some other blog post.
Say, what, so blurred your vision that you couldn’t read this headline?
Didn’t you see that you were to skip this? Then why on-earth go on? You will get less than nothing out of this. So read another article! If you haven’t stopped, you’re only wasting your time.
This is the moment to show that you’ve got enough character and will power to stop. Didn’t you understand? Stop! Boy, there’s something the matter with you; maybe you’ve been reading too much. A Blog just bursting with stupendous aricles, pictures to view, a good satire column just waiting to be read, and you persist in plowing through this piece of nothing.

Now we are halfway through, and you’re still going on. I don’t know what’s so attractive about this next line, but I’ll bet you can’t help reading it.
Or can you? No. Indeed I was right. What could you be getting out of this? Nothing. But you’re acting as if you’re bewitched.
If you’ve lost something—I can’t tell you where it is; this isn’t the lost and found shelf. Why don’t you look some where else? Not many lines left, so show that you have some backbone and stop!
You’re still curious enough to keep right on wasting time by reading these last words? Aren’t you?
This is an interesting experiment in human nature. No matter how much you tell the average person not to do something, the more certain he is to do it. If you are reading this paragraph, you have proved the point!

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