Giving back – Jayasmita Ray


Giving back - jayasmita ray 1People pass us by,

On and on they go,

Without a second glance,

Babbling away their lives.

The rusty oil wafted through the air,

The smell of her cries,

Awakened me.

There she stood,

Dirty, dark and hollow;

She was nobody,

Yet everybody.

Feeling the heat of that day;

Quivers rose as I watched,

She went on,

Our eyes met and separated again.

Such sweet agony.

I watched her hands,

Dull, calloused and beautiful.

Those tired, ignored eyes

Gazed once in a while.

I tasted her grief and smiled,


The day flew,

Night silenced all.

I waited moodily.

She passed by,

Without a glance.

Watching her walk,

I saw her tiny, fair feet.

She wandered away from the houses,

I followed,

My mind intoxicated and consumed,

With her.

She sat and looked at the sky,

I crept up,

My fingers flew to her soft neck,

She screamed more and I smiled,

It would be so beautiful,

To free her for eternity,

My hands acquired a life of their own,

And chocked hers.

I laughed as I saw another,

The next day,

What burden to free the world of grief!

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