Give teachers the respect they deserve

There are four categories of teachers in Manipal and  the presence of such a varied collection of persons in our teaching service has contributed to some of the problems facing the profession.

The categories are:

1. Those who are attracted to the profession and find immense satisfaction in teaching because of their love for children, and their regard for teaching as their calling;

2. Those who would prefer to be in another field of employment, but seem trapped in the profession, and make some effort, though not operating at full capacity;

3. Those who are attracted to the profession because of the relatively good conditions of service, and do very little to influence student or school advancement;

4. Those, particularly recent graduates of institutions of higher learning, who use the profession as a stepping stone to their desired goal.

This was told to me by a Professor should who has a vast experience in this profession of which he has been a part for 36 years and so is at the heart of the situation.

It would seem that teaching no longer holds that grip on persons who did it only for love because in earlier years the pay was meagre, but several ?oldsters? often remind us of the joy and the contentment they felt.Teachers

There could be a lot of reasons why the teaching profession no longer attracts persons for the ?love of teaching.? Are the days gone when teachers walked into the school/classroom and were respected by parents and children?

What about the end of term at school when teachers were given gifts by students who were grateful to them for guiding their lives??

Even when children were going from one class to another, they would write letters to their teacher, letting him or her know how much he would be missed.

Today, instead of giving gifts to teachers, some parents want to give wounds with lethal weapons and obviously no teacher would stand for this.

Parents and guardians should always remember that teachers play a very important role in a child?s life and should be treated with respect.

Instead of molesting them, work with them in helping to nurture your child so that he would be a credit to society and to God.

Parents should make it a point of visiting the school and meeting both the head teacher and class teacher to start a good relationship. If this is done, I can assure you that there will be good results.

Remember, ?Treasures of wickedness profit nothing; but righteousness delivers from death.?

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