Gator Boys: Raw Reality.


800px G keyboardSwitch on your television turn to Discovery Channel or Animal Planet and what you get to see most of the time is a program featuring two insane guys, Paul Bedard and Jimmy Riffle, always on call answering to people who spot alligators at unusual places. It’s a ‘real’ reality series about these two men who work an animal facility in the Everglades, with the goal to capture nuisance gators and other wildlife , and return them to their natural habitat before trappers kill the animals.

They have experience of over 20 years working together wrangling with gators with their bare hands. Being fearless and concerned at the same time  they hardly ever take a break and never hesitate from anything, whether its taking a dip in muddy waters or get buried to knees in swampy lands, these gator boys go to every limit pushing themselves to save local people from many precarious situations.

This attitude of theirs has earned them a wide-spread reputation and are now filmed by Animal Planet documenting their day-to-day stride running here and there behind their beloved animal.

They also arrange alligator display shows and wrestling programs in their facility with the gators they train and cater to themselves.

If you are a fan of reality adventure programs like, ‘Man vs Wild’, ‘Man Women and Wild’, ‘Going Wild with Jeff Corwin’ (which are some other programs of Animal Planet of same genre), them you would like to catch this show and you won’t be disappointed at all. Whether it be thrill, adventure, glamour or entertainment, this program has everything for, but only for typical lovers of these kind of shows.

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