Galaxy S7 the upcoming mind blowing Smartphone of Samsung

Nowadays most people use smartphones and Samsung is one of the most trustworthy brands than other brands. The Galaxy series of Samsung got numerous successes in the mobile market and that is the main reason for which people believe that Samsung is the best mobile company till now. This is not a particular view but in real Samsung offers many advanced features in its Galaxy models that offer better facilities to the user. In every model, Samsung added some interesting features that are unique and eye-catching. This is one of the signature styles of this most renowned brand.

The Galaxy S7

The upcoming Smartphone of Samsung Galaxy S7 is not declared any official information regarding this handset but people expected it is going to release in 2016 in the month of February to march. No doubt this phone will get many successes in the market and may be won the best phone award but it is not fair that you will compare this handset with iPhone7. It is also important to give it protection using the galaxy s7 active case.

True supporters of Samsung are spreading rumors that this Smartphone will come with 128 internal memories, 4 GB RAM and retina scanning technology. These are actually unbelievable but you can’t say with confirmation that these all are true because in this competitive market any brand can do anything which is just galaxy S7 If the rumor specification is true then this Galaxy S7 really left behind any handset. Even you can easily say that this hand set is far better than Iphone7. According to the rumors Galaxy S7 is coming with some advanced features like:

  • 3000 mAh battery capacity that offers you better backup and heavy use experience.
  • Snap dragon process that offers you HD graphics experience with smooth gaming facilities
  • 4k AMOLED technology display and 5.5 inch HD screen offer you full HD video and movies experience
  • The most interesting thing is the Camera which is 10-megapixel front and 30 mega pixel rear which offer you crystal clear photo shoot facilities and it also supports 1080 video.

Other normal features like 4G enable gorilla glass technology for scratch-proof are probably available in this Smartphone.

Bad effects of rumors on people

Rumors always put bad effect on people because it offers a pre mindset regarding a phone and boost the expectation level. So if unfortunately Samsung will not able to provide all these features then people will feel harass and the popularity normally decrease. So it is not good to spread rumors before the official announcement.

Samsung is the best

Samsung is already a renowned company and it has many users so no doubt the upcoming Galaxy S7 is going to be the best hand set of the year 2016. But still, you can’t expect those unbelievable features from Samsung because these are may be included or may not be. So it is just wasting of time to believe in these rumors it is far better to wait for the official announcement to know more details specification regarding this Smartphone.

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