Freshers FAQ: Admissions at Netaji Subhas Institute of Technology (NSIT) Delhi

1. Will the students of batch of 2018-2022 at NSIT, Delhi be awarded a DU degree?

Yes, DU degrees will be issued for the batch joining in 2018 and the foreseeable future.

2. Is the syllabus at NSIT, Delhi going to be updated for this year?

Yes, as a matter of fact an updated and industry based syllabus has been introduced with effect from 2016 along with a Choice Based Credit System(CBCS), which allows students to take courses of their choice, and additional ones to get more than the minimum credits required and adopt an interdisciplinary approach.

3. What are the features of the CBCS scheme at NSIT, Delhi?

  • This is a uniform CBCS for all central and state and other recognised universities.
  • There are three main courses: Core, Elective and Foundation. All the three main courses will be evaluated and assessed to provide for an effective and balanced result.
  • There are also non-credit audit courses available which can be pursued during the summer break which will be assessed as ‘Satisfactory’ or ‘Unsatisfactory’. This is not included in the computation of SGPA/CGPA.
  • With the CBCS scheme implemented at NSIT, the grade point system has replaced the percentage system. The CGPA system is beneficial when applying for MBA or MS to universities abroad because earlier the students had to convert their percentage into CGPA, which many times didn’t accurately represent their academic performance.

4. What is the curriculum for the first year at NSIT, Delhi?

The first two semesters comprise of Foundation Courses(Compulsory and Elective) and Core courses. The Compulsory Foundation courses are common across all streams and the Core courses are specific to a branch. Also, both semesters have one compulsory Foundation Elective which can be chosen from a vast pool of electives which include Corporate Social Responsibility, Financial Literacy, Soft Skills and Personality Development, Sports, Yoga, Dance – to name a few.

5.Are there any prospects of branch sliding on the basis of your performance in first year at NSIT, Delhi?

No, NSIT doesn’t allow students to upgrade their branches on the basis of academic performance in college. Branch sliding only occurs at the end of first semester according to the JEE main rank, along with fresh choice filling for those who did not freeze their branch during choice filling. Hence it is advisable to refrain from branch freezing till then.

6. How does upgradation of streams at NSIT, Delhi take place?

Once you have taken admission in a stream, you will automatically be upgraded to a higher stream of your choice, subject to availability of seats and your rank. Upgradation can occur during the JAC procedure as well as branch sliding in 1st semester of NSIT, for those who did not freeze their branch during choice filling.

7. Once I have been allotted a branch at NSIT, Delhi, how do I lock it so that no further upgradation takes place?

This process is called ‘freezing’ of branch and it requires you to fill a form declaring that you don’t wish to be considered for further rounds of counselling in which case your choice shall not be upgraded. Also you shall not be eligible for internal upgradation after the first semester.

8. What is the fee structure at NSIT, Delhi?

The total fee to be paid for the first year is Rs. 1,50,000/- of which Rs. 75,000/- is to be paid at the time of admission and the balance is to be paid at the time of registration for the first semester.
Fee for NSIT for remaining three years of B. E. Courses will be as follows:

  • II Year : Rs.1,65,000/-
  • III Year : Rs.1,82,000/-
  • IV Year : Rs.2,00,000/-

9.What are the hostels like at NSIT, Delhi? The mess fee? And criteria for getting a hostel?

Hostels are allotted to the students on a priority basis, as per the distance from the college, wherein the outside delhi category students are given first preference and provided accommodation on the day of registration itself. For the girls hostel, the priority is given to your JEE Mains rank after considering distance from college.

The hostel fees per semester at NSIT, is Rs. 15,000/-(Non A/C) and Rs. 25,000/-(A/C rooms in GH-2).

The mess fee at NSIT, is Rs.15,000/- per semester.

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