Field of Innocence-In Search of Wonderland – Gaurav Deka


Field of Innocence-In Search of Wonderland - Gaurav Deka 1Like brilliant sunshine

On little waves,

Pleasant memories

Spill out,

Of the treasure trove

Of my past.


Perhaps, it is you,

Blessed friend,

Who has unlocked me.

You who still draw

From the spring of childhood.



I go back to a place,

Where my heart was still,

In harmony.

Where I’d feel tree-bark

And watch ants on their way

In sleepy shade, smiling sun.

And I’d lose myself

In existential reverie.




Then, the Darkness.

And how moulds

were thrust down my throat,

For to fit into.

And I was shaped

Into a sad monstrosity,

Chasing false dreams.


I acquiesced.

For want of an alternative.

But harboured

The kernel of bliss within.

Someday, I’d emerge

Amongst my own.

The Ugly Duckling

Discovering Swans.


Now, in a fetid pool,

I come across

Mis-shapen remnants,

Like myself.

Incognito, in masquerade,

In denial, ill-developed.





But then, it’s still

Within our grasp.

We can create our ‘Wonderland’

Reclaim our own,

Realise our dream



As a team.

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